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Glasgow Police Department public information officer Wade Brewer looks at the GPD's new Twitter page. Brewer started the Twitter and is updating the department's Facebook page as a way to inform the younger generation about police events.

The Glasgow Police Department is attempting to reach out to the younger generation, with a newly updated Facebook page and a newly created Twitter page.

“This was the [Chief Guy Turcotte’s] idea to reach out to the younger generation who has grown up using these services,” said public information officer Wade Brewer.

The department already had a Facebook account, but they are going to use it more now to update the public on crashes, severe weather and other things the dispatchers get calls about on a daily basis. Not only will the two new modes of communication allow the public more access to information, it will also help the busy days of the dispatch center, Brewer said.

“It lightens the load for everybody, because the dispatchers get calls every time anyone sees blue lights flashing and with only a few dispatchers, it makes it hard,” Brewer said.

Some city and police department employees encouraged more social networking connections within the department and in a matter of a few hours, Brewer had a working Twitter page ready to go.

The other benefits of the Facebook and Twitter pages are the mobile updates. Residents can log on to their accounts and set updates from the Twitter handle @GlasgowPolice to be sent directly to their phones in the form of a text message. Facebook updates can also be set up to be sent to a cell phone for immediate updates.

“Not only can residents receive the updates but if I’m at a scene, I can send updates to Twitter through my phone and it shows up right on the page,” Brewer said.

As far as comments that can be sent to the Facebook page, Brewer said some filters have been put in place, but he hasn’t set too many up.

“I hope people will be mindful of what they’re saying and keep it as a good service for the community,” Brewer said.

The accounts should not be used to report crime though, Brewer said. He recommended that those with information on a crime continue to call the police department.

The GPD’s website will also see some changes in the near future, as Brewer updates more photos, information and contacts for visitors. The Facebook and Twitter accounts can also be accessed from the GPD website.

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