Richard Gee has raised deer on his farm in Monroe County for nearly 25 years.

He began raising deer after adopting a fawn whose mother had been run over by a truck.

Gee has does and bucks on his farm, so it is not uncommon for him to have baby deer in the spring and summer months.

But on July 2, Gee got a surprise.

One of his does gave birth to not one, not two, but five fawns.

“It is almost unheard of for a doe to have this many fawns,” he said. “You hear of them occasionally having twins and maybe three. Everyone says that they have never heard or seen anything like this.”

News of the baby deer birth spread quickly and several folks have made the trip out to the farm to see them.

“There have been lots of people to stop by,” Gee said.

In fact, there have been so many that he’s lost count.

The fawns are not all the same size. Two are larger than the others.

“I am bottle feeding the three smallest ones right now,” he said.

Gee plans to raise the fawns on his farm.


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