New bar to open in downtown Cave City

Debbie Passmore, owner of The Dive, a new bar that is set to open in early May in downtown Cave City, is shown center with her daughters, Leticia Cline, left, and Shannon Burke. Gina Kinslow / Glasgow Daily Times 

CAVE CITY — A new bar called The Dive is scheduled to open in early May in downtown Cave City. 

Debbie Passmore is opening the bar as a means of helping Cave City expand and to offer residents, as well as tourists, something else to do in the evenings.

“I want to have a good place where people can come and be social and enjoy themselves,” she said.

Passmore plans to offer live entertainment on occasion at the bar and to do drink specials.

By opening the business along Broadway Street, Passmore will be joining a small group of women entrepreneurs.

“There are a lot of women business owners up this street and I love it,” she said. “I love it when women are strong.”

Passmore said she has had a lot of strong women in her family.

“My mom was a very strong woman. She had her own businesses (and) worked hard all of her life. I feel like my girls are very strong women,” Passmore said. “I was widowed at 50, so that makes you stronger when your life-long partner disappears.”

The building that will house the bar was constructed in 1906.

Passmore and her children, plus help from a few others, have been working to renovate the space.

“We've managed to get so much work done here in the last couple of weeks. We've really progressed fast on the building,” she said.

The building has served many purposes over the years.

“It's been a lot of things. It's been a church. It's been a plumbing store. It was a karaoke place at one point,” said Passmore's daughter, Leticia Cline.

It is possible Passmore will offer karaoke at some point at the bar.

“It may be something we throw in there,” she said. “I guess you can test everything out and see what goes well with people, what they like.”

Passmore plans to do a grand opening once the renovation is complete.

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