400 miles of bargains; events attract everyday shoppers as well as collectors

Fred Jones of Glasgow sits on a wagon behind a large Shell gas sign at a booth along U.S. 68/Ky. 80 in Glasgow as part of the 400 Mile Yard Sale on Thursday. The yard sale event continues through Saturday. Gina Kinslow / Glasgow Daily Times 

GLASGOW — Fred Jones of Glasgow rested on the fender of a wagon parked beneath a large shade tree along U.S. 68/Ky. 80 on Thursday morning. 

Leaning against the wagon was a large Shell gas sign, which came from a Cave City gas station that went out of business about 30 years ago.

Jones had the Shell sign, plus a few others to offer for sale.

“I haven't been trying to sell them that long, but I've had them in my barn that long,” he said.

He got the Shell sign when the gas station was being demolished.

“I'm just getting rid of some stuff I don't want anymore. I've still got plenty of it,” he said.

Jones was one of several vendors taking part in the annual 400 Mile Yard Sale, which spans across the state of Kentucky, starting at Paris, Tennessee and ending at Maysville, with a westerly spur to Paducah.

“This is the first year to set up here,” Jones said. “I just enjoy fooling with these antiques and things. I have more than I need to use and I thought I would just turn some junk into money.”

Often, customers try to convince Jones to give them a cheaper price for an item.

“That's just the nature and the character of this business. You expect it every time. I've had people, for a 50-cent item, want it for a quarter. You expect that from everybody,” he said.

And usually, he lets them have it for the lower price.

“Nine times out of 10 I do,” he said, adding he does so because he really wants to get rid of the item.

But he has been known to keep the bartering going for a little bit.

400 miles of bargains; events attract everyday shoppers as well as collectors

Laura Beth McClellan of Glasgow shops at a yard sale booth at The Shepherd's House along US. 68/Ky. 80 on Thursday. Gina Kinslow / Glasgow Daily Times 

“Nobody wants to lose any money. They want to make a little bit,” he said, laughing.

Jones shops other booths along the 400 Mile Yard Sale route.

“I try to keep something to make a dollar on,” he said. “I'm mostly a collector, but I always see things I don't want but I think I can make a couple of dollars on. I do that. I think that's probably the reason why everybody does it. It's fun to do this. You meet a lot of people. You can make it a social event. Everybody's always nice.”

Laura Beth McClellan of Glasgow shopped several yard sale booths along the 400 Mile Yard Sale route in Barren County on Thursday.

She stopped to shop at booths set up in the parking lot at The Shepherd's House church along Edmonton Road.

McClellan shops the 400 Mile Yard Sale each year.

“I just like to search for a bargain,” she said.

She began shopping on Thursday around 7 a.m. and was able to find good buys on clothes and some household items.

“I found a lot of clothes for my daughter,” she said.

McClellan also plans to take part in the 400 Mile Yard Sale as a vendor. She's having a yard sale on Saturday, so Thursday and Friday were the only days she could get out to shop.

Renea Wilson had a booth at The Shepherd's House and said she always sets up during the 400 Mile Yard Sale.

Wilson does so to “just get rid of stuff and sometimes we do it for our (church) youth,” she said.

Ministers of The Shepherd's House and United Faith Independent Church also had a booth at The Shepherd's House. They were hoping to raise money to fund a mission trip to Kenya.

The 400 Mile Yard Sale continues through Sunday.

For more information about the event, go to www.400mile.com.

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