Metcalfe County magistrates agreed to accept the recommendation of the county’s reapportion committee Tuesday during the Metcalfe Fiscal Court’s regularly scheduled meeting.

The committee, which was composed of Chris Isenberg, Jason Tucker, David Smith and Carol Chaney, county clerk, recommended leaving the magisterial districts unchanged due to the small percentage of growth.

Growth that occurred in the second magisterial district was by 62 to 68 people, said Judge-Executive Greg Wilson.

If the county’s population increased by 10 percent in the last 10 years, then the county is required by state law to appoint a committee to examine population growth in May of the first year following the Census.

“As long as you are within a 10 percent ratio of the increase, you don’t have to move any magisterial lines,” said Judge-Executive Greg Wilson. “We fell within that so they felt like it would be better not to move any of those lines.”

Magistrates voted 3-1 to approve on first reading an ordinance to leave the districts unchanged. Magistrate Dale Rowlett cast the only dissenting vote. Rowlett, who is a volunteer firefighter, was unable to be reached for comment on Tuesday afternoon and attempts to reach him Wednesday morning were unsuccessful.

Magistrate Scotty Mosby voted to accept the committee’s recommendation because of the expense that would be involved in redrawing the magisterial district lines, he said.

“You would have to move voter precincts,” he said, adding that would mean having to redo the count’s mapping, as well as the buying land for new voter houses and building additional voter houses. “It would be a very substantial expense for 60 some people.”

Mosby continued that if the growth had been by 100 people or more then he could see the need to change the magisterial district lines.

“We fell within the 10 percent. I think as long as we’re in the standards we are all right,” he said.

Magistrates will have to approve the ordinance on second reading before the recommendation becomes final.

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