NASHVILLE — When Joshua London moved to Nashville in the fall of 2009, he had no intentions of becoming a songwriter. 

In fact, he moved there for work and after a while he left that position and started his own landscaping company.

London, who grew up in the Hiseville community of Barren County, graduated from Barren County High School in 2003 and went on to graduate from the University of Kentucky with a degree in plant and soil science in 2008.

He had some friends who were songwriters and said he always found what they did for a living to be interesting work. About five years ago he decided to give songwriting a try for himself and it has paid off.

London cowrote the song, “Best Shot,” with breakthrough country recording artist Jimmie Allen and fellow songwriter J.P. Williams. The song spent three weeks at No. 1 and is the debut single off Allen's first album “Mercury Lane” for Stoney Creek Records.

“We were just sitting in a room one day and Jimmie had an idea of 'Best Shot.' He just kind of started mumbling off a melody and we just kind of latched on to that and just kind of started writing the song,” London said.

While London liked the song, he had no idea it would do so well.

“At the time Jimmie didn't have a record deal, and J.P. and I were just two unknown songwriters at our company,” London said.

London and Williams write for Major Bob Music.

“Best Shot” is not only the first song London cowrote that became a No. 1 hit, but it is also the first song he co-wrote for a major recording label and his first radio single.

When he found out “Best Shot” had made to the top of the chart, he said he felt “relief.”

“We definitely have like insider information. We get to see like daily stats, but it's never official until the end of the week. We had kind of been expecting it for a couple of weeks at this point because of the momentum it was gaining on a national level from radio play, sales and streams,” he said. “I was definitely relieved but also super excited because it is a once in a lifetime achievement.”

“Best Shot” was not intended to be the debut single from Allen's album. The record label had a different song in mind, but after “Best Shot” was played on “The Bobby Bones Show,” response was so great the record label decided to go with it as the first single from the album.

London cowrote another song titled “Like You Do,” which also appears on Allen's album.

“We've written 20 to 30 songs together over the past two years,” he said, adding he, Williams and Allen have plans to write even more music together through May of this year. “Hopefully, we will get some more songs on his sophomore record.”

London has performed “Best Shot” himself. He plays once every quarter at The Bluebird Cafe and at The Listening Room Cafe.

Since “Best Shot” made it to No. 1, London has had another song to spend time at No. 2 and another one at No. 1 on the Texas Billboard Charts with two other artists.

“I also have tentatively another song on a major label that is being released sometime between January and March tentatively, but I'm not allowed to say yet. It's not 100 percent confirmed. Things can happen the day before a record comes out,” he said.

London has no plans to give up his landscaping work. He wants to continue to do it while writing songs at the same time.

“They are both basically full-time jobs. They are both what I love to do. I love being outside and I love music. I feel like having the landscaping business helps me write better songs because I get to participate in a normal day-to-day life, so I feel like I can relate to the demographic of people we are trying to appeal to which is the standard middle-of-the-road American,” he said. “I just feel like having a job and working that job helps me do my songwriting job better.”

London is the song of Jerry and Debbie London of Hiseville. 

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