Glasgow Electric Plant Board customers, whether they be residential or commercial, can expect their electric rates to increase by about 7 percent next month.

The rate increase, which goes into effect Oct. 1, was approved Tuesday night by members of EPB’s board of directors, and stems from a 7 1/2 percent increase in the Tennessee Valley Authority’s wholesale electric rates. TVA’s rate increase also goes into effect Oct. 1.

“The TVA wholesale rate increase is being passed along to our customers, because we have no way to eat it,” William Ray, EPB superintendent, said. “We’re just passing along the additional amount that TVA is charging us.”

EPB customers won’t start seeing the impact of the rate increase until the end of the year when temperatures drop, Ray said.

“It’s fairly small. I mean 7 percent is a sizable number, but for the average household which uses an average amount of power ... (about) a 1,000 kwh is going to go up about $4 per month,” he said. “For the homeowners it’s big enough, but it’s not a giant thing compared to gasoline and natural gas and these other energy products.”

However, large businesses will feel the punch of the rate increase more than households.

“Seven percent of a $2,000 bill is considerable,” Ray said. EPB does offer a bill payment plan that allows customers to pay the same monthly rate regardless of the season.

“It does take the peaks and valleys out and we would be glad to help people to sign up for that if they so choose,” he said.

For more information about the billing plan, call EPB at 651-8341.


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