Suspects in an overnight holdup used an abandoned house and a pay phone to rob a pizza delivery man at gunpoint.

Glasgow police are investigating the incident that occurred shortly after 10:30 p.m.

Police said they received a call from Jeremiah Campbell, a deliveryman for Dominos Pizza, saying he had been robbed after making a delivery to 314 McKenna St.

Campbell, of 103-A Lauderdale Drive, Glasgow, told GPD Officer Anthony Honeycutt that he had gotten out of his vehicle to deliver the pizza when he was approached by a white male wearing a red, hooded shirt.

Campbell said the man asked him to come to the rear of the house.

At the back of the house the deliveryman was approached by a second man, described as a black male wearing a black jacket with a hood, white shirt, baseball cap and wearing a bandanna over his face. That man was armed with a handgun, according to police.

Campbell said he was told by the men to kneel down near some steps.

At that point the black man placed a weapon to the back of Campbell’s head and demanded his money, police said.

The suspects took about $350 from the deliveryman in cash and checks.

Campbell was then told by the men to leave the scene.

Police said Campbell could not give them an accurate description of the suspects because of poor lighting around the residence.

Campbell said there was a maroon car, possibly a Chevy Lumina, or similar body style, parked at the residence at the time of the robbery.

Officers responding to the robbery found the residence at 314 McKenna to be vacant.

The telephone number given to Dominos’s at the time the order was made was from a pay phone on West Main Street.

Police are continuing to investigate the incident.


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