Miguel Perkins would be more excited about the new school year if only he could get his locker opened.

Perkins, 12, of Glasgow, was at the Glasgow Middle School back-to-school block party on Thursday where he met his homeroom teacher, who gave him a locker and locker combination.

Anna May Mills, Perkins’ grandmother, said she was glad Miguel’s older brother, J.P. was there to be the guide.

J.P., who is in the eighth grade, had Miguel’s schedule and was leading the way to each of Miguel’s classrooms.

“I’m glad that I have one here that knows the way,” Mills said. “Our first year doing this was a mess.”

Scott Jones, principal of GMS said that there were about 500 students enrolled as of Thursday.

“We’re excited, especially with the turnout tonight,” he said.

Jones said there are a lot of new teachers, but that schedules are done, and they all finished some training this week.

“We’re at the point now to be ready for the kids, and we’ve still got a few days to get the schedules ironed out,” he said.

New programs and curriculum are being added as well, Jones said.

The woodshop program has been exchanged for a robotics program. Algebra is being taught at GMS by a high school teacher, and an accelerated math program will be available for fifth-, sixth- and seventh- graders, Jones said.

“We’re excited about being able to offer performing arts, band and strings to the middle schoolers, as well,” Jones said. “Teachers have been working hard and you can see evidence of it in the classrooms.”

Casi Owens is a sixth-grade college, career readiness language arts teacher and an eighth-grade language arts teacher. She’s been teaching at GMS for 10 years, she said.

As she was about to describe her feelings about the upcoming school year, a new student came in and she paused to assign a locker and hand out a syllabus.

“This is your locker assignment, this is how you use your locker,” Owens said, pointing to the piece of paper that had directions. “This will be your schedule. This is your class name, your teacher name and the room number.” And she told the sixth-grader where her Spanish class would be.

She told the student, who would be in her homeroom this year, that if she needed anything, not to hesitate to ask questions and come to her for help.

Then, Owens talked about her favorite thing about the beginning of a new school year, which is getting to meet new students, and having the opportunity to see former students come back.

“I’m always up for a new challenge and to see what I can learn from my kids and what I’m able to teach,” Owens said. “See what kind of light bulbs I can turn on.”

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