Black Stone Cherry video picked up by CMT

Jon Lawhon is shown performing during the band's December 2018 concert at the Plaza Theatre in Glasgow. GDT File Photo 

GLASGOW — A video for a song that appears on Black Stone Cherry's latest album, “Family Tree,” has been getting an overwhelming response since it was picked up by CMT in late June. 

The video is for the song, “My Last Breath,” and in it people hold up a piece of paper with the phrase “If all I had left was my last breath, here's what I'd spend it on …” written at the top. Those featured in the video, including the band's members, proceed to tell how they would spend their last breaths.

“It's a very open and vulnerable video where people are wearing their hearts on their sleeves, just like the four of us in the band,” said guitarist Ben Wells. “It's been pretty amazing and we're very proud of it.”

Some of the exterior shots in the video of people giving their last breaths testimony were filmed in front of the Plaza Theatre in Glasgow, while others were filmed on location at concerts in the U.S., as well as fan submitted videos from all over the world, he said.

“My Last Breath” is not the first Black Stone Cherry video that has been picked up by CMT.

“CMT has supported the band before with our videos for 'Things My Father Said' and 'The Rambler,” Wells said. “We are very appreciative of that.”

Because the band has had some of its videos picked by CMT by no means the rock band is crossing over to country music.

“I think it says that a song and video can break through genres if it fits within their wheelhouse, so to speak,” he said. “... We have always written from the heart and I think CMT is the place where a band that is a rock band, but also has many country influences can be exposed. In the USA, there are very few channels that play music videos, so it's always great when any network is willing to help out.”

When the band wrote the song, Wells said they had no intentions of specifically writing a country song.

Black Stone Cherry video picked up by CMT

Ben Wells, guitarist for Black Stone Cherry, is shown performing during a concert at the Plaza Theatre in Glasgow in December 2018. GDT File Photo 

“We just start writing and let the song be what it is. If it comes out more country than rock, then so be it,” he said. “Our and has never set boundaries when it comes to making music.”

Appearing in the video is keyboard player Yates McKendree that tours with the band.

The band just returned home from its summer European tour, which Wells described it as being amazing.

“We got to play some incredible places — castles (and) festivals,” he said. “We visited Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Holland, Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland and Poland,” he said.

Wells continued that the band has a full year of touring scheduled, with dates in the U.S., including the Kentucky State Fair, Europe and Australia.