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GLASGOW — People who knew Temple Dickinson best have described him as being an intelligent, caring person who was also an accomplished attorney.

Dickinson, who was currently serving as Barren County's master commissioner, died suddenly Tuesday.

Temple Dickinson

Temple Dickinson, center, one of six candidates for a previous 43rd District judge's race, chats with Carl Copass, left, and Bob Siler prior to a Barren River Rod & Gun Club meeting.

“Temple was an outstanding attorney. He always cared about his clients, which is a high compliment to any attorney,” said Greg Berry with the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy.

Dickinson was a contractor for KDPA.

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Attorney Temple Dickinson, right, appears as defense attorney for a client in Barren County Circuit Court.

“When we would have conflicts with representing a particular client, we would assign the case to Temple,” Berry said.

An example of a case with such a conflict would be one with two codefendants.

“Temple would take one of them so that we wouldn't represent both of them,” Berry said.

Berry has known Dickinson for most of his life.

“I remember Temple when we were young children around here in Glasgow,” he said. “He was very bright.”

Barren Circuit Court Judge John Alexander grew up with Dickinson in the same church even though Dickinson was several years older than Alexander.

“Our families have been friends forever,” Alexander said. “He was brutally honest and hilariously funny and compassionate, talented in so many different areas and a true friend.”

Alexander also described Dickinson as being a wonderful attorney and said he was a very spiritual person.

“He was always an advocate for the less fortunate and the down-trodden. He's going to leave a really big hole in a lot of people's lives because of the effect he had on people,” Alexander said.

Former Barren County Circuit Court Judge Phil Patton recalled Dickinson representing a defendant in a trial a few years ago that seemed impossible of winning, but said with Dickinson's intelligence and his acting ability he pulled it off and got a not guilty verdict.

“He always had the ability to give a great argument on a short notice and was just a pleasure to deal with,” Patton said.

Dickinson was involved with the local community theater group, The Far Off Broadway Players.

Foreigner - Dickerson, Dickinson

Brad Dickerson, seated, shares a scene with Temple Dickinson during the final dress rehearsal for the Far Off Broadway Players' production of "The Foreigner" in the historic Plaza Theatre.

Paul Glodfelter, artistic director of FOBP, came to know Dickinson through his involvement with a playwriting class offered by Kentucky Repertory Theatre in Horse Cave several years ago. He recalled the play Dickinson wrote for the class.

“I remember being so impressed that this attorney from Glasgow wrote this (play),” Glodfelter said. “We started chatting and that's how we met and got to know each other.”

Dickinson was both an actor and director for FOBP.

The last FOBP production in which he appeared was as Steve in “The Odd Couple” in February 2018.

Glodfelter described Dickinson as being “a very detailed-oriented actor” who always wanted to get the scene right.

“He just had a wonderful work ethic and was a lot of fun to work with on stage,” he said.

The last FOBP production Dickinson directed was “Another Night Before Christmas” in December 2018.

Dickinson was scheduled to direct FOBP's production of “It's A Wonderful Life” this year. Glodfelter met with him last week to discuss the production.

“I consider myself lucky to have known him and to be able to call him a friend,” Glodfelter said. “He was one of the most caring guys I've ever met in my life and was smart as a whip.”

Funeral arrangements were not finalized by deadline.

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