Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown

Like many adolescents before him, Matthew Brown’s career ambitions are to one day hop inside a rocket and head into space.

“I (want to) go visit other planets,” the 13-year-old NASA hopeful said. “I’d like to go to Mars.”

Brown may have a goal to one day explore the “final frontier,” but he is uncertain about whether there is life on other planets.

“I’m probably thinking maybe,” he said.

For now, Brown is enjoying life on planet Earth as a student at Glasgow Christian Academy. His favorite activities include dodgeball, kickball, playing on his computer and arts and crafts.

“Every once in a while, I like to paint,” he said.

Some of Brown’s favorite subjects are homes, grass and the sun.

With two younger brothers, ages 11 and 9, at home, Brown admits that sibling rivalry can, from time to time, rear its ugly head, especially when it comes to toys.

“Sometimes, I get along with my brothers,” he said.

The three, however, did enjoy a family vacation last year to Nevada to visit their grandmother.

On the way, Brown said they stopped to admire one of the country’s most recognizable monuments.

“We went through St. Louis and saw the arch,” he said.

Brown added that the family admired the arch from its base but did not make a trip to the top.

“I don’t like heights,” he said. “I especially don’t like roller coasters.”


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