Wanda Gordon is back in town.

Her great grandson, Nathan Bale, will tell you about her trip. He’s been saying, “MaMee went to a place called Chicken.”

Since her journey’s destination was actually Turkey, it’s probably better to get the report straight from Wanda, herself.

“It was really some trip,” she says of her experience during the first half of this month. Wanda shows me some of her postcard collection from places I can’t spell or say.  These are places that to this day contain mementos from the earliest days of civilization.

“We waded in a calcium pool in Pamukkale,” Wanda says, and then explains, “ it’s supposed to help your aches and pains.”

“Did it?”

“Must have,” Wanda replies. “ I didn’t have any.”  

Surely she must have been feeling quite well because the tour had her up at 4 a.m. to enjoy a full day’s activities. She was always ready to go and explore a new and fascinating culture. She delighted in studying the historical sites with knowledgeable guides. As she relaxes now in her Glasgow home, she remains excited about her adventures, “Just to be there and see everything — I’ll never forget it! One night we had a view from our hotel room of the lights around the Mediterranean Sea.”

In one breath, she tells me about Ephesus and in another, she is describing the sights of Istanbul. Then, she recalls shopping at the World’s Bazaar. “We only had an hour and half there and that wasn’t enough time.” She shows me a dark lavender leather jacket that she purchased there. It’s quite beautiful.

“How did you find the food?” I ask.

 “Oh, it was good,” she says, and then adds, “but I never could find any bacon for breakfast.”

  She soared over the Cappadocia landscape at 1,500 feet in a hot air balloon. She cruised on the Black Sea in a boat. She rode through ancient city streets in a bus. Wanda says whether she was in the air, on water, or on land, she always felt safe.

Among those in her tour group were friends from Nashville, including Kay Gupton, a former Glasgow resident. Wanda and Kay, who have been friends for many years, were also part of a tour group last year to Australia.

She says these trips are a bit more ambitious than trips she took in the past with her husband of 54 years, Lee, who passed away a couple of years ago. He had his pilot’s license, and they often flew in a two-seater plane to visit their daughter in Tennessee. Wanda also fondly reflected on trips to Canada and Hawaii that she and Lee had made. “Still,” she remarked, “he had been in the Navy and didn’t really care for getting too far away.”

“Where are you bound for next?” I ask.

“We haven’t got any plans yet,” she replies. Then she suggests, “But if I hear of a good deal —”

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