It’s almost here – that day so sweet, one can gain a couple of pounds just from thinking about it.

Next Tuesday, I will likely express the obvious to my wife. Even though in our 36 years of marriage she has come to understand how I feel before I give those feelings articulation, I will offer tributes to her. She will, just as likely, reciprocate. That’s the way we are.

I could simply take her into a store where fine valentines are sold. There I could select the most appropriate card from the rack. I could tell her to read its sentiments and consider those representative of my feelings. Then she could smile, and perhaps sigh, and place it back into the rack. This could save me maybe five bucks or so.

Instead, I’ve purchased a card and I’ve been considering what few lines of inscription to add into it. Perhaps she will still have this card after February has flipped from the calendar. I want the words to be well-chosen ones.

So, what remarks shall I make?

It has occurred to me that while our core values have remained much the same, still, we have changed through this life we’ve shared. Individually and as a couple, we have evolved over the years, and I value every scene in the drama of our life together. Yet, I’m thankful for the love and commitment toward one other that has remained constant, and even deepened. Maybe that’s what I will tell her.

Or, maybe I will simply tell her that I’m happy to see her face across the breakfast table as we munch on muffins and begin our days; that I’m pleased she sits in the front seat with me as we travel; that I’m happy we get our mail at the same address. Maybe I will assure her that I appreciate her throughout the year and not just on a celebrated date in February.

Valentine’s Day can provide an opportunity to give and receive tokens of love. It can be a time to share flowers, candy and cards. It can be a time to light candles and hold hands. Beyond the proclamations of affection between sweethearts, Valentine’s Day also affords an opportunity to evaluate this sweetest of relationships. Who knows? – By pausing to better appreciate and refine relationships on this special day, it might become a habit that is observed more than just once a year.


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