Two former Glasgow residents recently got to meet one of the lead actors and the director for the upcoming film “Elizabethtown.”

Kim Buckner, who is originally from Glasgow, and her sister, LaTasha, met director Cameron Crowe and actor Orlando Bloom during premieres of the movie.

Kim, news director for Commonwealth Broadcasting in Elizabethtown, learned about the premiers through her work, and because she is a big Bloom fan she decided to attend the event.

“Orlando was originally supposed to be at the one in Elizabethtown, but he had to shoot some night scenes for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean, Part Two,’” she said.

Kim and LaTasha attended the movie premiere in Elizabethtown. Following the premiere, they, as well as everyone who attended the Elizabethtown event, were invited to attend the Louisville premiere, as well.

LaTasha admits she wasn’t much of a Crowe fan before seeing the premiere of “Elizabethtown,” but after meeting Crowe and seeing that he genuinely cares for Kentucky and Kentuckians she has now become a fan.

The sisters were also invited to attend the party following the Louisville premiere, but LaTasha opted to go home and be with her husband since it was her second wedding anniversary.

Kim, however, stayed for the party and got to meet Bloom.

“He was very cordial and he was very nice,” she said.

Kim was also able to get Bloom and Crowe’s autographs, and sent her sister photos of the event.

LaTasha enjoyed the movie so much she is planning to see it again. However, the version that will be released nationwide in theaters on Oct. 14 will be slightly different from the premiere version.

“The version we saw was for the Kentucky audience and it included a lot of scenery from Kentucky that won’t probably be included in the nationwide release. It was a 2 hour and 20 minute version that we saw,” she said.

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