A former employee of a container manufacturing facility in Hart County has been sentenced to five years in prison for tampering with consumer products.

Waylon J. Horton, 44, placed small pieces of broken glass into foam cups on two separate occasions in July 2016 that were destined for distribution centers and fast food restaurants. The cups were shipped to fast food restaurants in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, said a press release from the U.S. Attorney's office.

Horton worked on printers on production lines for Styrofoam drinking cups at the factory, the press release said.

After receiving complaints, the container manufacturing plant put the production of the cups on hold and seven additional cups containing Styrofoam cups with broken glass were ultimately found, the press release said.

Horton pleaded guilty to tampering with consumer products on July 13. Horton was also sentenced to two years of supervised release, the press release said.