Glasgow police have received complaints about possible scam phone calls, according to a press release from the department.

"Officers are fielding many complaints throughout our community about phone calls that are being made both to private citizens and businesses," the release said. "When citizens are called, they’re asked to make donations to various charities or organizations while businesses are being asked to purchase advertising or make donations as well."

"We remind you, do not give out any of your financial institution account information or any other personal information over the phone or to anyone that would come to your door. Those behind these schemes are very good at what they do, it’s how they make their living. They know just how to pull you into a conversation and before you know it they have what they need to commit fraud at your expense.

"If you feel you are being pulled into one of these conversations, just hang up the phone," the release said.

"If you have elderly relatives who could easily be targeted in these scams, please make sure you share this information with them," the release said.

Call the police department at 270-651-5151 ext. 227 for more information or to inform the police of such a call.

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