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Glasgow High School was recently named as a model school in the U.S. by the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE). GHS, along with 17 other model schools from across the nation, will present at ICLE’s 27th annual Model Schools Conference on June 23-26 in Washington, D.C.

GLASGOW — Glasgow High School was recently named one-of-six model high schools in the U.S. by the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE).

GHS, along with 17 other model schools from across the nation, will present at ICLE’s 27th annual Model Schools Conference on June 23-26 in Washington, D.C. Representatives from GHS will discuss how the school has closed achievement and opportunity gaps.

ICLE’s mission is to "challenge, inspire, and equip today’s educators – both teachers and leaders – to prepare our students for lifelong success,” according to the organization’s website.

“We do this by identifying innovative practices from across the country, ensuring those practices make a positive impact on student learning, sharing those successful practices with educators through our conferences and keynote presentations, and helping schools bring them to scale with professional learning opportunities and hands-on consultation,” the website states. “At the heart of all we do is our proven philosophy that the entire system must be aligned around instructional excellence – rooted in rigor, relevance, and relationships – to ensure every student is prepared for a successful future.”

GHS Principal Amy Allen said the high school is honored to be named a model school.

“This designation is the result of the caring professionals at GHS who work extraordinarily hard to provide opportunities for our students,” Allen stated in a press release from Glasgow Independent Schools. “I am proud of the team at Glasgow High School and their desire to maximize students’ potential through rigorous learning experiences that are relevant to their lives.

“Most importantly, I am proud of the positive relationships that our team creates with our students and instilling in them the pride that comes with being a Scottie.”

GIS Superintendent Keith Hale said the school district is “proud of Glasgow High School and all the staff and faculty of Glasgow Independent Schools for this designation.”

“The key for continued success is to not only stay the course but also to make a commitment to customize, personalize, and communicate students’ educational experience,” Hale stated in the press release. “With this being said, Glasgow High School continues to put children in an environment that gives them the opportunity to maximize their potential and ensure every Scottie has multiple experiences for success.”

Bill Daggett, founder and chairman of ICLE, stated in the GIS press release that “we commend the 2019 Model Schools for prioritizing the creation of a supportive, systemwide culture of high expectations that is felt by teachers, leaders, students, parents, and the greater community.”

“Now more than ever, it’s critical educators and leaders have the opportunity to exchange practical and effective ideas and research-based strategies that will help to prepare students for lifelong success,” Daggett said. “We’re thrilled to host this year’s Model Schools Conference in our nation’s capital, and look forward to hearing how these trailblazing practitioners are implementing actionable, sustainable change to transform their school’s culture.”

According to the GIS press release, while GHS has over 70 percent of its students qualifying for free-or-reduced lunch, the high school has “created a culture of greatness where relationships and innovative opportunities for students reign.”

“GHS uses the mindset of ‘greatness’ and ‘Scottie Pride’ to remove economic and societal barriers for students and improve the trajectory of their lives after graduation,” the press release states. “Glasgow High School is a testament that ensuring access and opportunity to rigorous learning for all students generates academic growth, post-secondary options, and an inspiring culture.”

GHS maximizes student and teacher potential through open enrollment for advanced classes and creating relevant career opportunities for students based on their interests, according to the press release.

When Kentucky Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis visited Glasgow earlier this school year, he told the Glasgow Daily Times that GHS seems to offer “a wide variety of opportunities for kids — which I think is really, really important.”

“There’s no two kids that are alike,” Lewis said. “Kids have diverse passions. They have different things they want to do after high school, and so I think it’s important to have a plethora of things that kids get to choose from, ensuring that every path that they might take is rigorous — but having a diversity of pathways, I think is really, really important.

“The other thing that I really love about what they’re doing here is, to be frank, they are data folks, outcomes focussed — they use outcomes, they use data to guide their decision-making, to guide the strategies that they’re using to move student outcomes.

“I think there’s a lot of things we can learn across the state from the approaches that they’re using here.”

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