Glasgow B&PW

Pictured, from left: Sarah Garrett, Janis Turner, Becky Barrick, and Martha Carol McCoy- Mentoring committee members, Georgia Beth Albany-Mentoring Chair and Teresa Garmon-Vice President and Membership Chair.

Members of Glasgow Business & Professional Women were paired Thursday night with another member as their “Buddy” so that they can remind and encourage each other to make their reservation for the monthly meetings.

A friendly text reminder on first Thursday mornings should be additional help so that members don’t get busy and forget.

Teresa Garmon, vice president and membership chair, and Georgia Beth Albany, mentoring chair, along with committee members Becky Barrick, Sarah Garrett, Martha Carol McCoy, and Janis Turner worked on the “Buddy” project as well as planned and presented the program for the meeting. Information, a game, and discussions centered on “Mentoring.”

Mentor – A wise and trusted counselor or teacher.

Mentor – Someone who helps a team member grow, develop, and achieve their goals.

Mentoring can occur in all aspects of our lives including work, church, family, clubs and community. Almost anyone can learn to be a mentor, and most of us could benefit at some time in our lives by being mentored.

B&PW members serve the community by mentoring in various organizations and by presenting scholarships to working women to help and encourage them in continuing their education.

If this sounds like the kind of organization that would interest and benefit you, contact President Sharon Billingsley at 270-670-7294 for more information. Meetings are held on the first Thursday evening of the month at 6 p.m. The location is FAB Studios in Glasgow.

Billingsley presided over the short business meeting which included a report on the Arts, Crafts, and Gifts Fair held the last Saturday in September. This fund-raiser supplies money for the club’s scholarships.

Sarah Garrett led the pledge to the flag. Becky Barrick led the club collect. Janis Turner presented a devotional titled “Encouragement.” Martha Carol McCoy led the benediction at the close of the meeting.

New Buddies: Remember to contact your buddy the week before the next meeting and anytime before then when you want to say “Hi” and encourage them. Life can be difficult; we need all the buddies we can get.

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