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Glasgow artist Casey Page's exhibit "Nature's Vandals" is on display at the Downing Museum in Bowling Green. 

BOWLING GREEN — A life-sized replica of a locomotive, pieced together with paper mache and appearing to be surrounded by weeds and field flowers, catches the eye upon entering the latest exhibit at the Downing Museum.

It's one of the multiple works and installations created by Glasgow artist Casey Page as part of his exhibit "Nature's Vandals".

The exhibit opened this month to the public and will remain on display until July 6. It focuses on Page's appreciation for how nature reclaims what we leave behind.

"Nature takes back anything and everything when left alone," said Page, 32, a 2005 graduate of Glasgow High School.

"I find beauty in that. I just want to show the art behind nature. How nature just consumes all and is constantly recreating itself and reinventing itself."

Page is a Beatles fan, and appreciates their subtle use of symbolism in their music. He attempts to incorporate that "if you know, you know" mentality into his artwork.

Page also likes to focus on the details.

"I'm definitely a realism artist. I try to paint with the most details that I can," he said.

The Downing Museum contains works by the late Joe Downing. Downing was born in Tompkinsville and was raised in Horse Cave.

Downing honed his craft while living in France, and his works have been featured in some of the most prestigious art museums and institutes in the world.

Page said it's an honor to have his work showcased at the Baker Arboretum and Downing Museum.

"The place is beautiful. The whole arboretum and all that is just a beautiful space and I just really wanted to have a show there," Page said.

Page was in discussions with the museum about featuring some of his work there for some time, and is pleased that the opportunity presented itself.

Page's work may be on display in Bowling Green, but he remains a Glasgow native at heart. He's invested in his own studio in Glasgow, and said he would love to see an art scene come to life in his hometown.

"There were a lot of people from Glasgow who came to our opening night. That was huge. Just the fact that my hometown supports me is everything," he said.

Some of the works in "Nature's Vandals" had been previously created by Page, while others were made specifically for the exhibit.

Page and his wife, Micah, live in Glasgow, and he said he never plans to leave.

"I'm definitely trying to pave a way to not only do well in art, but I want the focus to be on my hometown," he said. "I'm following my dream because of my hometown."

The Baker Arboretum and Downing Museum is located at 4801 Morgantown Road in Bowling Green. Admission is free.

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