Barren County Economic Authority

The Barren County Economic Authority (BCEA) accepted its first private Transformational Investor contribution. German American Bank has committed $10,000 to the BCEA for economic development.

The Transformational Investor program was created to increase funding for economic development in Barren County. Private investments from local businesses and individuals committed to seeing Barren County prosper will allow the BCEA to take economic development in Barren County to the next level and be more competitive.

“Investments will help transform the community through increased targeted business recruitment efforts, talent attraction, development and retention, infrastructure investment, stronger small businesses and in developing skills for the new economy and more high-quality jobs.” said Maureen Carpenter, executive director of the BCEA.

This investment by German American Bank kicks off the official launch by the BCEA for its funding campaign.

“German American Bank has a long-standing tradition of supporting economic development in the communities we serve. Our employees are deeply engaged in Barren County," said Karisa Peterson, Market Executive. "We are excited by this partnership to support economic development because of the impact that it has on the community as a whole and on each family that lives and works here.”

Investors can come in at one of five levels: Champion $25,000, Visionary $20,000, Leader $15,000, Advocate $10,000 or Supporter at $5,000. There are various benefits that come with being an investor. Each investor will be listed on promotional materials when appropriate, invited to semi-annual briefing; be on the BCEA website with link to company site, receive a window decal and be in the investor profile. Additional benefits are available as the investment level increases. Funds raised will be used for an aggressive approach to economic development that focuses on marketing that includes brand awareness, specific sector targeted marketing, property promotion and infrastructure development.

For more information about the Barren County Economic Authority or how to become a Transformational Investor call 270-651-6314 or go to

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