D.T. Froedge

GEPB board member D.T. Froedge 

GLASGOW – Glasgow Mayor Harold Armstrong released a statement late Friday afternoon stating that D.T. Froedge is still a member of the board of directors for the Glasgow Electric Plant Board, though he had offered his resignation.

At the last regular GEPB board meeting, Froedge had placed on the agenda a resolution asking him to resign from the board, and he and two other members voted in favor of the resolution. That item came immediately after a vote on whether GEPB Superintendent Billy Ray should be fired, also suggested by Froedge, and that measure failed. Froedge had said at a previous meeting of himself and Ray that, “one of us is going to have to have some relief.”

The day after the resolution for him to resign was approved, Froedge submitted a letter of resignation to Armstrong, but Armstrong told the Glasgow Daily Times that he told Froedge he didn't want to accept it. Froedge declined to say outright that day what would happen if that continued to be the case, other than he expected to not be attending meetings or being compensated.

The statement issued Friday by Armstrong states: “We at the Mayor's office have had some inquiries about the status of the Board of Directors at the Glasgow Electric Plant Board. As it is an important matter to all Glasgow Citizens, it is appropriate that I give an update on that.

“As you are aware Mr. D.T. Froedge, a Board Member, did submit his resignation from the Board, as Mayor I did not immediately accept his resignation and asked him to reconsider. Even though I did not appoint Mr. Froedge to the Board, I have great respect for his knowledge and experience. Mr. Froedge is CEO of his own multi-state business which continues to be highly successful. He is highly educated, a well published and widely renowned physicist. He is independent and has no financial interest that is affected by his service on the Board. In other words, he brings a lot to the table and we are lucky to have people of his caliber to serve on our local Boards of any kind. Mr. Froedge advised that he has some travel planned and may be away for sometime. I asked him to remain on the Board and at this time he remains a Board Member.

“If this status changes, I will make a announcement and seek a replacement.”

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