Sheri Lee, executive operations officer for the Housing Authority of Glasgow.

GLASGOW – Flat-rate rent amounts are decreasing for individuals and families living in public housing after a vote by the board of directors for the Housing Authority of Glasgow last week, but decreases may only be $1 or $2 a month for some tenants.

The amounts are “suggested” by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development based on fair market rents, which are calculated based on a HUD formula after information is gathered from the specific area. Flat-rate rental charges can be no less than 80 percent of the fair market rent amount.

Renters have a choice at their annual re-examination to go with either the flat-rate or an income-based amount, and the flat amount is the minimum that could be required for rent, said Sheri Lee, executive operations officer for the authority.

The HUD figures are specific to the county, she said.

For a zero-bedroom unit, the amount would go from $330 to $329, and it would decrease from $421 to $419 for one-bedroom units. The other changes are $517 to $511 for two bedrooms, $681 to $672 for three bedrooms, $739 to $695 for four bedrooms and $750 to $706 for five-bedroom units.

Lee said 20 to 30 families, or about 10 percent of units, choose the flat-rate amount.

With all current members present, the vote was unanimous.

Other business included unanimous approval of the following:

• Renewal of insurance through Kentucky Housing Authority Self-Insured Fund.

• Purchase of 100 water heaters for $38,540 for units along McGrah and Park avenues and Robinson Court.

• Replace computer server and the desktop computer at the rent-payment station for $5,037 and $334, respectively, and contract with BK Technology Professionals information technology services for $1,295 per month for 17 computer units.

• Purchase of 21 refrigerators for $9,600.

• Payment for water line, screen doors and gutter guards work at Schoolhouse Lane units.

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