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Casey Franklin

The Glasgow Daily Times submitted a list of questions to local first responders, police officers and medical workers in hopes their responses would help our communities better understand their jobs. We also hope this series will help people to get to know the Faces of the Frontline in Barren County.

Name: Casey Franklin, R.N.

Job Position: Patient Safety and Experience Coordinator

Number of Years with T.J. Samson: 8

Family: Husband Chris, and three children: J.R. (16), Annie (8), and Rhonin (5).

Describe your job and the duties you regularly perform.

I ensure that our patients are safe during their encounters with us, assisting with prevention of events like falls, infections, and medication errors, and I support the patient experience; we understand that very few people have positive reasons for visiting a hospital or a clinic, but we can still all work together to provide positive outcomes for them, as well as the best possible experience in terms of the provision of friendly and compassionate care.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job? What’s the most challenging part?

My job is very gratifying; TJ Regional Health has made tremendous strides even just in the past few years towards perfecting the patient experience and ensuring the safety of those who visit our facilities. The challenging part for me is finding new and innovative ways to raise the bar for the patient experience. It’s not enough for us to do “well”. Our goal is to be extraordinary, and that means demonstrating perfect commitment to our cause and unwavering faith that we can make a difference for our patients and the overall well-being of our community.

Why did you choose to enter the medical profession?

There really wasn’t a choice for me. I believe nursing is a calling. If you can find hope in a hopeless situation and strength on your toughest mornings (like these COVID-19 days!), and if you can provide comfort for another when you’re exhausted, frightened, or frustrated, then God is calling you to do something with those gifts. For me, it was nursing. No question.

What advice would you give to someone considering a profession in the medical field?

Look around you right this very moment. What can you do amidst the fear and uncertainty this COVID-19 crisis is creating? Can you inspire hope in the downtrodden? Can you earn the trust of the weary? Can you declare conviction of mankind’s victory over the seemingly overwhelming odds? Can you bring light and comfort to just one person simply by sharing your knowledge and words of reassurance and faith? If so, the medical field is perfect for you. You will never be as challenged, tried, tired, or tested as you are in times like these. But you will also never, ever have a better chance to make a difference for someone else. This is the time. This is the moment. Come join the family!

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