EDMONTON — The deadline for those who intend to seek the Metcalfe County Sheriff's position in November as a Republican, Democrat or Independent candidate was Tuesday, but the man currently serving in that capacity wasn't selected by his party to run for election.

Lonnie Hodges, a deputy sheriff, has been serving as acting sheriff in the absence of Ricky Brooks, who was elected sheriff in November 2018.

Brooks died from leukemia on Aug. 3.

Some thought Hodges would have been nominated to represent the Republican Party and that his name would appear on the November general election ballot, but it will not.

“They would have had to have done that at the Republican Party committee meeting,” said Metcalfe County Clerk Carol England Chaney.

Instead, the Metcalfe County Republican Committee chose Charles Costello as its candidate.

“Each party committee had to choose one candidate,” Chaney said.

Paulette Yates, vice chair of the Metcalfe County Republican Committee, explained Costello was nominated to represent the Republican Party as a candidate for the sheriff's position at an emergency meeting of the committee that was called by Danny Holley, who was then serving as chairman. Holley has since resigned as chairman.

It was during that emergency committee meeting that Holley asked for nominations for the sheriff's position and Costello was unanimously nominated.

The meeting, in Yates' opinion, was conducted legally according to the committee's bylaws.

Costello was not the only candidate discussed at the meeting.

“We did discuss other candidates. It is my understanding that a couple of people who were interested were left out. Well, they were not purposefully left out,” she said. “The deputy (Hodges) was discussed at the meeting and we were assured by two members at the meeting that he had (said) previously that he was not interested.”

She clarified that those meetings were with other people and not the Republican committee.

“The deputy sheriff never came forward and became a member of the Republican (committee). He never showed up at any of the meetings,” Yates said.

She continued to say that apparently Hodges was upset that he was not nominated to be a candidate for the sheriff's position and that he was actually interested.

“But when we had the meeting, his candidacy was discussed and it was reported that people had spoken with him and he had indicated he wasn't interested in running,” she said. “I'm sure that there is probably a misunderstanding, but we did not overlook him. We did discuss him. No one put his name forth. First of all, he had no one there representing him. Even if he was not a member, he did not send forth someone to represent him or we would have considered him.”

Yates continued that the committee did consider a couple of other people who were mentioned.

“I would like to state that you know we are a fledgling group. After two and a half years, we are just trying to get the word out that we exist. And as a matter of fact, that was what our mission was,” she said.

This is the first time for Metcalfe County to have a Republican Party Committee in more than two years.

The person nominated by the Metcalfe County Democratic Committee was Allen Huffman. His name will appear on the ballot for the November general election along with Costello's name.

No one representing the Independent Party filed for the seat on Tuesday; however, four people seeking election as sheriff as write-in candidates have filed. They are: Joshua Neal, R; Scotty Posey, D; Chris Turner, R; and Dalton Bragg, D.

There is still time for those seeking election to the sheriff's position as write-in candidates. That deadline is not until Oct. 25, Chaney said.

The Daily Times was unable to make contact with Hodges on Tuesday.

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