GLASGOW – Local law enforcement officers got a little bit of their due recognition for their work on Tuesday evening with a banquet provided through the efforts of a collaboration of civic organizations and sponsorships their members were able to obtain.

Scott Kerley, president of the Kiwanis Club of Glasgow, was the master of ceremonies for the evening, and he explained that the idea started with a simple conversation last fall. This was the first event of the Barren County Civic Collaboration, which includes his club, Glasgow Lions Club, Barren Evening Lions Club, Kiwanis Club of Caverna and the Glasgow Rotary Club.

“It's just an opportunity to see if we can work together,” he said.

They intend for this to be just the beginning of service opportunities too large for their individual clubs to undertake, but from the very start this was the first thing they wanted to undertake, Kerley said.

Matt Compton, general manager of Bailey Gibson Buick GMC, which sponsored the wristbands for the officers' children to get after the meal for additional fun activities at Ralphie's, thanked the law enforcement officers for everything they do and their families for the sacrifices they all make daily.

“This small token of appreciation from us is never enough,” he said. “Anything any of us can do, I don't think, is ever enough for what you guys do – and women – what you go through. So thank you. Enjoy the evening. Relax, let go and have some fun,” Compton said.

T.J. Regional Health and HVAC Services were the sponsors for the dinner, and they had representatives present as well.

Kerley said the plan was to provide a nice meal, which was catered by the Barren County High School Culinary Program, a program that showed appreciation to officers and families, which consisted of remarks by him and others and about 60 door prizes and agency plaques for the Glasgow Police Department and Barren County Sheriff's Office, and wristbands for the officers' children so the officers could continue to enjoy an evening with their families after dinner.

“We wanted the families to be part of this, too,” Kerley said.

Before dinner, as the members of all the civic organizations gathered along one side of the room, the members of each agency in turn were asked to stand, and those present represented GPD, BCSO, including its court security deputies, the Barren County Detention Center and the Kentucky Division of Probation and Parole.

Tickets were also sold to the general public to help defray the costs.

Several names were drawn for door prizes before the meal that consisted of consisted of ham, Monterrey chicken, side dishes that included a hot baked potato salad that was all the rage, salad, rolls, desserts and beverages. Afterward, more prizes and the plaques were presented.

The plaques read, in part, “Your dedication to 'protect and serve' inspires us all!”

GPD Chief Guy Howie, who is retiring later this month, said it was a nice thing to attend as he closes out his time here.

“This is awesome that the community gets together and does this,” he said.

Jailer Aaron Bennett said it was a great event.

“It's good to see all the different agencies of law enforcement together under one roof,” he said.

Sheriff Kent Keen said he also thought it was great.

“This is the first time they've had something like this in this community and I think you see a lot of law enforcement officers here. It's really a good thing for community relations and appreciation for the law enforcement in this area,” he said.

GPD Lt. Jabin McGuire said he thought it was wonderful.

“It's really nice, especially for us, to see such appreciation shown from the community back to all law enforcement and it's really nice to see such a big turnout from the law enforcement community to come and spend time here,” he said.

GPD Capt. Jennifer Arbogast's daughter, Shayla, said she thought it was really nice for the police officers and they were happy about it. Her mom agreed, adding that she liked seeing everybody come together.

“We appreciate people in the community and they appreciate us,” the captain said.

David Walbert and William Pulley were among the BCSO court security deputies who attended.

Walbert said he thought it was a great event.

“I really, really do appreciate it,” he said. “The food's good, and you just don't expect this.”

He was on seconds with that baked potato salad, saying he really enjoyed it, but everything was good.

“It's just really nice,” Walbert said.

Pulley echoed that it's something they don't expect, and everything was nice and people were really gracious.