Cave City Councilman arrested


Donald Davidson, 73, a Cave City Council member, was arrested by Cave City police on Monday at about 10:30 p.m. on third-degree terroristic threatening and menacing charges.

Police officers Jeffrey Childress and Brandon Fletcher went to a residence at Northside Estates to attempt to serve an arrest warrant on Joseph Davidson. Upon arrival, Childress knocked on the front door while Fletcher went to the back to door to prevent escape. It was while at the back door that Fletcher saw a woman look through the blinds of the sliding glass door and heard some conversation inside, said the arrest warrant.

Fletcher saw Donald Davison, who is Joseph's father, in the doorway, as well as Joseph Davidson in the background inside the residence, the arrest warrant said.

Donald Davidson opened the door and asked Fletcher what he needed. Fletcher explained that there was a police officer at the front door that he needed to talk to. Donald Davidson then told Fletcher if there was something he needed to talk to him about then Fletcher should go to the front door, the arrest warrant said.

Fletcher explained that he was there because Joseph Davidson had an active arrest warrant and that placing a police officer at both the front and back doors is standard procedure. Donald Davidson then told Fletcher he had no right to be on his property and Fletcher reminded Donald Davidson of the active arrest warrant for Joseph Davidson, the arrest warrant said.

Donald Davidson then told Fletcher: “I should blow your ass off,” the arrest warrant said.

Fletcher said that would not be happening that evening and Donald Davidson went back inside and shut the door. At that time, Fletcher did not know whether Donald Davidson was retrieving a firearm or not and would put him in fear of imminent death or physical injury because of Donald Davidson's statement and aggressive behavior, the arrest warrant said.

Fletcher then went to check on Childress and as he made his way to the front of the residence, he noticed Childress was already inside, said an investigation report.

Fletcher said he went inside the residence and Donald Davidson came up to him in “an aggressive manner and demanded to see the warrant,” the investigation report said.

Fletcher said he explained to Donald Davidson that the arrest warrant was electronically in the system and that a paper warrant wasn't in hand. Donald Davidson and his wife kept shouting at Fletcher until he eventually received a call through dispatch, the investigation report said.

Fletcher left the residence at 10:07 p.m. without any further incident, the investigation report said.

Donald Davidson was lodged in the Barren County Detention Center. He was released on Tuesday on a $1,000 unsecured bond, according to the jail website.

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