Tax information is not reported for transfers when no money is exchanged as in foreclosures, master commissioner deeds, divorce settlements and transfers made within a family.

May 13

Glenda Kay Gearlds, Jackie Gearlds and Randall R. McCoy, lot, Burkesville Road, to Floyd Adam Logan and Drucilla L. Logan, $25.

Robert C. Morgan and Carolyn J. Morgan, tract with exception, KY 685, to Timothy W. Morgan, $65.

William J. Buford and Nafeesa Farrakhan Buford, lot, Bunche Avenue, to William A. Buford.

Robert P. Watson and Melanie L. Watson, West Washington Street, to William F. Thomason Jr. and Gina Sanderfur Thomason.

May 14

Tee Tee Properties, LLC, 0.667 acres, Ky. 58, to Duwayne Alan Nelson and Teresa Starr Nelson, $52.50.

Amy Nicole Bartley, 30.00 acres, Wilborn Road, to Joey Farris Bartley.

Wanda G. Rigdon, Freddy Rigdon and Myra G. Shirley, two tracts, Withers Street, to Brad B. Bertram and Tracey K. Bertram, $40.

May 15

Jason McMurtrey and Katie McMurtrey, 0.88 acre, Ky. 839, Nobob Road, to Robert F. Sneed and Jami Sneed, $3.

Roger Payne and Dorothy Payne, lot, Garnett Grove subdivision, to Coy Pennington and Rebecca Pennington, $15.

Deborah Garrett, 64.77 acres, Lyon School Road, to Calvin D. Mininger, $201.

Nellie Elizabeth Gooden, Charles Gooden, Martha June Martin and Martha June Carson, multiple lots, Payne and Yates subdivision, to Joseph Howard Wright and Tonya R. Wright, $65.

May 16

Virginia M. Martin and Chad E. Martin, 1.759 acres, Poplar Spring Road, to Virginia M. Martin and Chad W. Martin.

J.S. Calvin Leech, multiple tracts, Temple Hill Road, to Noah L. Miller and Fannie E. Miller, $45.

Farron Poynter and Betty Poynter, two parcels, Ky. 63, to Craig Allen Casteel and Amanda Casteel, $138.

Phillip Braden, 0.913 acre, South Lucas Road, to Lesley Gogan and Shane Gogan, $151.50.

James E. Hyatt and Mossie G. Hyatt, lot, Wedgewood subdivision, to Bryson E. Hyatt.

Ronnie D. Lindsey and Maretta Lindsey, 1.057 acres, Certain Lane, to Curtis Mencer and Lisa Mencer, $196.

Kenneth M. Leavitt and Donna Leavitt, lot, Colonial Heights subdivision, to Jonathan Brooks Ferrell and Taylor Myers Ferrell, $170.

WKU Real Estate Corporation, lot, Indiana Point subdivision, to Jeremiah Burton Burd, $7.50.

May 17

Joshua Long and Bailey Long, 0.401 acre, West Brown Street, to Martin Thomas Cartwright and Jennifer Cartwright, $83.

Jason Scott Matthews and Jason Matthews, lot, Grahams Green Valley subdivision, to Nathaniel R. Carroll and Emily Carroll, $129.50.

Estate of Orville Edward Clark and Orville Edward Clark estate, lot, Gossom and Third Streets, to Johnny M. Hines and Faye M. Hines, $66.

G.A. Hawkins, multiple parcels, Barren County, to William Lee Johnson and Angela Lee Johnson, $25.

Joe David Houchens, Evelyn G. Houchens, Robert Trent Riddle and Donna K. Riddle, two lots, Beechtree Lane, to Zach Fisher Enterprises, LLC, $30.

David W. Madsen, two parcels, Barren County, to Jane G. Steffey, $99.50.

Joe David Houchens, Evelyn G. Houchens, Robert Trent Riddle and Donna K. Riddle, two lots, Beechtree Lane, to William R. Combs, $30.

Robbie D. Jones and Rebecca H. Jones, lot, Little Work Acres subdivision, to Weston Macain Coulter and Ashley Brooke Coulter, $146.

May 18

Robert T. Riddle, Donna Kay Riddle, Joe David Houchens and Evelyn G. Houchens, 38.242 acres, D. Butler Road, to Hoyt Lamar Hester and Jerry Dwayne Hester, $116.