Gov. Andy Beshear

GLASGOW – Gov. Andy Beshear announced Tuesday that there were 191 new positive tests for COVID-19, bringing the total to 6,853 cases statewide.

Of the new cases, 71 came from Warren County, including a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old, for a total of 596.

“It's one of the fastest-growing outbreaks in the nation,” Beshear said of Warren County.

Barren County reported two new cases for a total of 26 and Metcalfe County reported one new case for a total of three.

With reports of more minors testing positive, including a 10-year-old who is currently on a ventilator, Dr. Steven Stack, Kentucky Public Health commissioner, mentioned a more recently known pediatric inflammatory condition believed to be a complication of COVID-19. Stack compared symptoms to those of Kawasaki disease that include fever, body aches and lethargy.

“This is a serious disease and it spreads very easily, and while the statistics are good for children, most are going to be perfectly fine, the statistics are not perfect,” Stack said.

Mills Nursing and Rehabilitation Center provided video footage of an in-house parade for six of their patients who have successfully recovered from COVID-19, after the long-term care facility in Mayfield reported more than 40 cases in April. A total of 2,546 other Kentuckians have also fully recovered as of May 12.

Beshear said that Kentucky is one day closer to defeating the coronavirus, yet he encouraged people to continue to make good decisions – especially with the onset of summer months approaching. Wearing face masks, avoiding social gatherings and standing at least six feet apart is still imperative, as rising temperatures may not deter the spread of COVID-19.

“Early reports suggest that warm weather may not help us with this virus,” Stack said. “We were hoping we might have some diminishment of the disease in the summer months, like with seasonal influenza, but early signs are we may not be able to count on that.”

Ten new deaths were also reported during Tuesday`s briefing, leading Beshear to say that the state's reopening is fragile and health and the economy are the state's top priorities. Beshear emphasized the 10 rules of staying healthy at work as Phase 3 of health care reopening begins May 13 and hospitals and care facilities will begin nonemergency procedures at a 50% pre-COVID patient volume.

“I stand with trying to save lives, that's the bottom line,” Beshear said.

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