A local law enforcement agency discussed safety precautions for upcoming New Year’s festivities.

Mike Houchens, Barren County Sheriff’s Office public information deputy, talked Friday about the high volume of travelers around the holidays, and how this makes the likelihood of wrecks more prevalent.

“We always want to remind everybody to wear their seat belts and obey all speed limit signs,” Houchens said.

While it’s important to exercise caution, it’s also good to remain cognizant of other drivers on roadways, he said.

Consumption of alcohol is something that is often seen around this time of year.

“We ask that everybody who plans on consuming alcohol to be responsible,” Houchens said. “Have a sober driver, and if you don’t have a driver, at least plan on staying where you are going to celebrate the new year.”

Houchens also spoke about the influx of break-ins and thefts around this time of year. Particularly recently, he said the BCSO has seen a lot of farm facilities and other storage facilities being broken into.

“The main important thing we want to get out to folks is make sure that you secure your house, your farm facilities, your barns, storage buildings the best that you can and ensure that they are locked,” Houchens said.

A lot of people don’t think about locking those buildings, and they are often aren’t near residences, which makes them more vulnerable, Houchens said.

“It’s very important to pay extra attentions to these facilities, especially if you have valuables inside of them like tools and anything of that nature,” he said.

He also said if anybody ever sees suspicious individuals in the area to call BCSO at 270-651-2771.

“Remember people descriptions, vehicle descriptions and license plates if you are able to safely,” he said.

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