GLASGOW – The Barren River area is seeing a slight uptick in confirmed positive cases of COVID-19.

The reason for the increase is primarily due to the wider availability of testing.

“With more and more testing sites becoming available the positive test results are expected to rise as we begin to reach populations that we were unable to reach before,” said Ashli McCarty, with the Barren River District Health Department.

The district health department reported a total of 1,116 cases on Friday in the Barren River District with Warren County having the most positive confirmed cases at 701.

Butler County was next with 201 cases and was followed by Logan County with 82.

Barren County was reported to have 27 confirmed cases, while Allen County had 39 cases on Friday. Total confirmed positive cases for neighboring counties are: Hart County, 19; Monroe County, 6; and Metcalfe County, 3.

“We have seen a steady gradual increase and I think it’s due to the availability of testing and people getting out more,” said David Williams, public health director for the Allen County Health Department.

While some Allen County residents chose to travel out of the county to be tested, Williams said the county does have the capacity for testing.

“We do have all three providers’ offices and the emergency room is testing here in Scottsville,” he said.

Monroe County also has the availability for testing.

On Wednesday, there were 110 people tested during a drive-thru testing site in Tompkinsville.

“We haven’t gotten the results in yet. They should be coming in within the next couple of days. The state has increased testing capability statewide. Monroe County practitioners as well as the Monroe County Medical Center they are conducting testing,” said Jill Ford, public health director for the Monroe County Health Department.

Ford expects the number of positive confirmed cases to increase as the testing capability increases.

“We are testing and like I said they’ve opened the criteria up now to anyone can be tested that wants to,” she said, adding that COVID-19 testing is being required for surgeries an other medical procedures. “I know testing capability has increased and we are testing. We’ve just stayed steady at six for the time being, but I expect to see our cases increase as our testing capabilities increase.”

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