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1. Why are you seeking this office?

I became very interested in the legislative process in 1980 while working there during the legislative session. When the seat became open in 1990 upon Bobby Richardson’s retirement, I ran for the seat and won the Democratic primary. That fall I lost to Steve Nunn in his first race. Now is the first time the seat has been open since then. I still have the desire to serve and feel that my training and experience have prepared me to do a good job representing the people of the 23rd District. 

2. What are your top five priorities for funding? Briefly explain why. 

My two top priorities are educations and roads/infrastructure. These are major keys to attracting industry. By education I am especially emphasizing trade schools for skills from welding and electrical to mechanical and plumbing. We have jobs now that lack qualified applicants and support. 

Agriculture is the backbone of Kentucky and our 23rd District. If we help develop markets, crops and techniques, our farmers will continue to be our economic backbone. 

We must sustain our police and fire protection, regular and volunteer. This is not only necessary for our well being at home, but also, no industry will come if these matters are not properly secured. 

We must get our financial house in order by contributing to our unfunded pensions for teachers and others, and must stop making new unfunded obligations. 

3. Would you support a so-called “Freedom of Religion” bill similar to what other states have passed? Why or why not?

If elected, I view my role as a representative is to vote the way the people of the 23rd District want me to vote. I intend to do that unless the bill is clearly unconstitutional. 

4. Who is someone you admire politically, or someone whose leadership style you value? Why?

I have the greatest admiration for President Roosevelt. He steered this country through one of its toughest periods from the Great Depression through most of WWII. During that period, he inspired Americans to work together better than they ever have before or since, all the while dealing with great personal difficulties. I would like to help us return to an American mindset of togetherness that we know is possible. While I believe we still are the greatest nation, I feel we must work together to keep that spirit. 

5. Do you support continuing kynect, or do you believe Kentucky should rely on the federal exchange for mandated health insurance coverage?

I initially supported kynect and had my coverage there. I was disappointed. Gov. Bevin has steered Kentucky away from kynect, and I will work with him as long as possible to try to have the best medical care for Kentuckians that we can afford.


Party: Democrat

Age: 65

EDUCATION: MBA from WKU in 1978; Juris Doctor from UK in 1981 

Career experience: 

• U.S. Air Force from 1972 to 1975

• Farming and timber buyer from Dickerson Lumber Company from 1975 to 1979 

• Attended law school from August 1978 to December 1981 

• Worked the entire 1980 legislative session on the staff of House Speaker Bill Kenton as amendment analyst

• Taught logging for the Forestry Department at the University of Kentucky in the spring of 1980 and 1981

• Basil Law Firm from 1984-2012-Self Employed 

• Since 1975 I have farmed at different times, including having a dairy operation, beef cattle and tobacco. I built a sawmill and ran it for a few years. 

• Presently producing crude oil part-time

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