Tax information is not reported for transfers when no money is exchanged as in foreclosures, master commissioner deeds, divorce settlements and transfers made within a family.

July 26

C. Calvin Smith and Vicki Smith, 3.540 acres, Happy Landing Road, to Stephan W. Smith and Christine Smith.

Triple Cross, Inc., 0.67 acre, Thousand Oaks subdivision, to Heather Marie Smith and Charity Andrelle Smith, $107.50.

Joseph K. Dickson and Kelli H. Dickson, two parcels, Cora Wilborn Road, to Brandi Blanchard and Jonathan Blanchard, $175.

Christy Miller and Jody Miller, 0.462 acre, Goodnight Terrace Road, to Clara Cross, $68.

Jonathan Keith Hall and Christina Dawn Hall, 5.020 acres, Tobacco Road, to Colby Fox and Kellie Fox, $308.

Jeremy Runyon and Angela Runyon, 10.626 acres, Edmonds Road, to Kelly Denise Runyon, $35.

July 29

Elton Bowles and Geneva Bowles, 2.733 acres, Beaver Creek Road, to Phillip Coomer and Sharon Coomer, $9.

Jamie Lynn Rucker and Misty Dawn Rucker, 6.466 acres, Northwood Subdivision, to Matthew L. Jewell and Lucretia G. Jewell, $49.

Brandon Wayne McKinney and Christy Hallie Ann McKinney, multiple tracts, Webb Heights Subdivision, to Michael Wright, $58.

Robert Stanley King and Mabel Doris King, two parcels, Pleasant Home Drive, to Charles Edward Jones and Sheila Renee Jones, $39.

Chandra Mohan D. Reddy, Chandra Mohan Dundumalla Reddy, Vinodini Dundumalla Reddy, and Vinodini Dundumalla, 1.068 acres, Happy Valley Road, to T.J. Regional Health Inc., $494.

July 30

Billy A. Anderson and Lori E. Anderson, 3.473 acres, Barren County, to Michael Winchell and Paula Winchell, $12.

Sheryl S. Kremer and Daniel L. Kremer, 0.46 acre, Shady Rest Lane, to Laura Kline, Neil Kremer, and Krissy Lee.

Lisa Adwell, two tracts, Barren & Hart counties, to Trace Dean Meador.

Butt Family Limited Partnership, lot, Shady Acres Subdivision, to Jeffrey B. Baker and Deborah R. Baker, $262.50.

Joseph M. Carey and Melissa C. Carey, two tracts, Jack Smith Road, to George Garcia Jr and Tracy Garcia, $189.

Burton Subdivision LLC, Lot 10, Burton Subdivision, to Ralph E. Kuhlman, $129.

Daniel Stinson and Melinda Stinson, Lot 29 Wedgewood Subdivision, to Sandra K. Reid, $92.

Richard Taylor and Lisa Taylor, tract, Wood Store Etoile Road, to Anna Combs and Jonathan Combs, $13.

BD Asset Co 5 LLC, 0.458 acre, Trappers Trail, to Corey Dane Edwards and Shana Lyrae Edwards, $123.

July 31

Doris R. Sexton, 1.39 acres, Bishop Road, to Cameron Cooper and Anita Ann Cooper, $50.

Estate of Nola Wheeler and Nola Wheeler Estate, 4.458 acres, Hwy 685, to Kenny Jason Lee and Amanda Settles Lee, $90.

Bonnie Proffitt, 1.239 acres, Bristletown Road, to Whitney N. Phillips and Kasey R. Hurt, $81.

David E. Read and Billie F. Read, 0.775 acre, Black Dot Road, to Dalton E. Ennis and Penny S. Ennis, $17.

Clayton B. Francis and Sue Francis, multiple parcels, Indian Hills Resort, to Joseph R. Neagli and Barbara Neagli, $215.

Jeanetta McCool, tract, Old Franks Mill Road, to Larry T. Glass, $190.

Will of Robert G. Bailey, Robert G. Bailey Estate, Estate of Robert G. Bailey and Robert G. Bailey Will, multiple tracts, Bluff Springs Road, to Wildlife and Timber Management LLC, $505.

Aug. 1

Lile Holdings LLC, 0.390 acre, North Lucas Road, to Alan Lee Shaw, $5.50.

Kaley Dunbar Billingsley, Kaley Dunbar, Thad Jeffrey Billingsley, and Candace Wilson Trustee, 0.444 acre, Burkesville Road, to Thad Jeffrey Billingsley, Kaley Dunbar Billingsley, and Candace Wilson Trustee.

Kimberly Marie Devine, 1.820 acres, Bishop Road, to Rana L. Haesler and Eric Lee Haesler, $135.50.

Geneva S. Oakes, two parcels, Beaver Creek Boat Ramp Road, to Ross Pridemore and Victoria Burbick, $187.50.

Linda Franklin Martin, multiple lots, N. Green St, to Lile Holdings LLC, $87.

Sandra Parker Reid, 0.157 acre, Walnut Street, to Dzejlana Sakanovic, $92.

Ronald Wiest and Ronald E. Wiest, lot, Beechwood Court, to Tracy L. Raque and David R. Raque, $300.

Renee M. Bushway and Michael P. Bushway, Lot 7. New Salem Road, to Brandon W. Wood and Jamienail Wood, $62.50.

Larry Riddle, Denise Riddle, and Bobby H. Richardson Trustee, 26 acres, Barren County, to Larry Riddle, Denise Riddle, and Bobby H.Richardson Trustee.

Denise Riddle, Larry Riddle, and Bobby H. Richardson Trustee, lot, Barren County, to Larry Riddle, Denise Riddle and Bobby H. Richardson Trustee.

Tony Lynn Hogan, 0.75 acre, Old Horse Cave Road, to Freddie Leon Dilley and Phyllis Ryan Dilley, $15.

Aug. 2

Effie M. Emmett, two parcels, Barren County, to Michael Lynn Graham and Sandra Kaye Graham.

Zach Fisher Enterprises LLC, 0.459 acre, Dawson Lane, to Christopher Matthew Newport and Kristin Coe Newport, $178.

Amy Michelle Botts, 6.88 acres, Edmonds Road, to Benjamin Wesley Lowe, $37.

Larry Riddle and Denise Riddle, 17.13 acres, Hollow Road, to Bradley Riddle and Tiffany Riddle, $70.

Colin J. Gregg and Cady E. Gregg, .51 acre, Green Leaf Drive, to Corey Allen Davis, $121.

Elsie Rich, lot, South Fork Road, to Mallie Joyce Coulter, $138.50.

Gregory T. Nuckols, and Sondra W. Nuckols, 0.491 acre, Meadow Drive, to Frederick L. Wilson and Crystal Dawn Wilson, $140.

Randy Simmons and Susan Simmons, multiple tracts, Barbour Cemetery Road, to Brendal Properties LLC, $691.50.

Edwin T. Bowles and Candy Bowles, 3.23 acres, Industrial Avenue, to Auto Auction of Glasgow LLC, $300.

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