First, many thanks and accolades for all Christian ministries that function here in the Barren County area. Your work encourages people in need to have hope and addresses their spiritual need of making Jesus Christ their Savior.

While much success is realized when working on issues as individual churches and ministries, consider how much more could be accomplished if we "partnered" by bringing all of our resources together (people, gifts, financial resources, et al). Perhaps, as an example, we could construct a homeless shelter in Barren County.

(There are many other needs/issues as well. )

We could take a lesson straight out of scripture in the Book of Acts, chapter 4:32-36 where early Disciples held many things in common, agreeing together to sell land and give proceeds to the group. These gifts were held in trust until the need became evident and then together they met the need. Now, think about the number of Christian people, ministries, missions, et al that operate individually in our county. What are the issues and needs within our county that we could actually discharge by partnering together and showing a genuine Christian concern in resolving such issues?

Because such issues are complicated and multiple in function, a quick fix is unprofitable, filled with disappointments and frustrations. Yet it is not a time to throw up our hands saying the task is too large, issues are too many, and they are too strong to overcome. Remember: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

-Edmund Burke

Now is the time to lay down the foundation, plans to build and set the course into action. Far too many times, we want an immediate response, but "flash in the pan" thinking will defeat the purpose. The year was 1988, Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bingham, Sr., a multi-media mogul of his day donated $2.6 million dollars to fund a fitting tribute (a fountain shaped like the Fleur De Lis symbol) expressing his love for the City of Louisville. This gigantic water fountain would attract people to Louisville just to see it, a fountain shooting water up 400 ft in the air with red, white, and blue colors illuminating it at night. It was short-lived as this supposed lasting tribute had problems almost as soon as it was completed.

The rest of the funds went to the Louisville Water Company. The money spent could have been wisely invested using only the interest to fund lasting projects (Helping Veterans, Homeless shelters, Job Training, Food subsidies, helping the unemployed to be re-trained, et al) with the principal still intact. Who knows, maybe other business men and women would have added to the trust fund as a lasting memorial for Mr. Bingham's love for his beloved city, Louisville.

Too often we move too fast without thinking about the outcome. We move forward by taking incremental, purposeful, and intentional steps building precept upon precept to establish a well-defined, purpose driven plan, that in years to come will still be in place while doing what it was designed to accomplish. If you are interested in continuing the conversation, the dialogue write to me at and let's see what God will birth through His people in Barren County.

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