Tax information is not reported for transfers when no money is exchanged as in foreclosures, master commissioner deeds, divorce settlements and transfers made within a family.


Wendell D. Sullivan, Trevor Sullivan and Terri K. Sullivan, Lot 55, North Second Street, Tim Gibson.

Sarah Doty Rider and Sarah Rider, 0.546 acre Cleveland Avenue, Eddie W. Reece and Angela Reece, $180.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., 1.146 acres, Merry Oaks Payne Road, Larry Brooks, $54.50.

Lewis Wayne Saltsman Jr. and Emily Nicole Saltsman, 2 parcels, Willrich Circle, Jeffrey Wright and Crystal Wright, $198.50.

Danny C. Billingsley, Deborah Billingsley, Teresa Billingsly, Teresa Myatt, Vickie Estes, Stephen Estes, Sherry Russann Gentry and Wesley Gentry, 1.413 acres Kino Road, Teresa Billingsley, $1.

Danny C. Billingsley, Deborah Billingsley, Teresa Billingsley, Vickie Estes, Stephen Estes, Sherry Russann Gentry, Teresa Myatt and Wesley Gentry, 0.619 acre Barren County, Stephen W. Estes and Vickie J. Estes, $4.

Kevin Hurt, Carolyn Hurt and Rex Hurt, Lots 62 and 63, Clements Addition to Glasgow, William C. Peyton, $64.

Les Neville, Ashley Neville, Steven Neville and Sarah Neville, 5.77 acres Barren County, Shane Samson and Jackie Muse Samson, $6.


The Hugh B. Willeford and Mary A. Willeford Revocable Living Trust, 0.549 acre Barren County, Mary A. Willeford.

Gregory R. Wilson, Daniel A. Wilson, and Woodford L. Gardner Jr. Trustee, lot, Lexington Drive, Gregory R. Wilson, Daniel A. Wilson and Woodford L. Gardner Jr. Trustee.


Carolyn Berry, multiple parcels, Beaver Creek Boat Ramp Road, Greg Leger Stanforth and Sarah Nicole Berry Stanforth, $320.

Elmer L. Richie Descendants GSP Trust, tract and right of way, Barren County, Kiefer Chaz McGuire, $260.

Brian Meadows and Virginia Meadows, Lot 18 Section 1, Steeplechase subdivision, Jamie L. Wilkerson and Ashleigh C. Wilkerson, $446.

Larry T. Russell and Diane Russell, 3.405 acres Stovall Road, Christopher M. McFarland.

Craig Medford and Abigail Medford, lot Leslie Avenue, Samuel Dean Hunt and Shelia Hunt, $171.


J&B Properties of CC LLC, 0.685 acre Caveland Road, Helen Marie Takosh, $36.

Sherry Grimsley, Sherry Sewell and Jerry Sewell, 2 tracts, Honeysuckle Lane, Marsha York.

Robert E. Hogue III and Jenifer Hogue, 0.460 acre Lot 68 Oak Leaf, Brian K. Smith and Kaci D Smith, $250.

Mark Frederick Campbell, Janis Campbell and Treasure Trove Park LLC, 1.606 acres Mammoth Cave Road, Mark Frederick Campbell and Janis Campbell.

Kentucky Housing Corporation, Lot 10 Longview Court, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Sherry Grimsley, Sherry Sewell and Jerry Sewell, 0.926 acre Honeysuckle Lane, Marsha York.

Taylorco LLC, 31.644 acres South Lucas Road, Rad It LLC, $90.

Robert C Montgomery and Janice R Montgomery, Lot 4, Paradise Peninsula Subdivision, Jeffrey T. Chesher and Suzanne R. Chesher, $20.50.

Thomas R. Hunt and Judith L Hunt, 3.737 acres Barren County, Jud Davis, $85.


Imogene C. Shirley, multiple lots Strader Subdivision, Nick Sloan, $20.

Terrance Scott Hancock and Tammy Gail Hancock, 0.486 acre (Lot 4) Hidden Valley Estates, Chantz Hancock, $130.

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