Property owners and others can learn how to capture the growing value of Kentucky’s woodlands in a conference Feb. 20 at The Center for Rural Development in Somerset.

“I am pleased that the Kentucky Department of Agriculture is a part of a conference that potentially could help people from my home area,” said Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer, a native of Clay County. “But property owners from every part of Kentucky who own woodlots can benefit from the information that state and national experts will share at the conference.”

“Many landowners will be surprised to hear that today the value of a wooded acre of their land is growing and could exceed that of a non-wooded acre,” commented Harvey Mitchell, director of agriculture outreach for The Center. “The purpose of this first-ever conference is to discuss how our landowners can ‘capture’ that new value and make it work for them.”

Speakers will discuss emerging opportunities, alternative ways to capture the value of woodlands, industry trends, bio-energy, eco-tourism, resource assistance, wildlife opportunities and other subjects.

Fee is $25 for pre-registration by mail postmarked by Feb. 8 or e-registration by Feb. 15. The fee for registration after those dates is $35. The cost of a buffet luncheon and conference materials is included in the fee.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture is a sponsor of the conference.

For more information, go to and click on Agriculture Outreach or contact Harvey Mitchell at (606) 677-6000 or hmitchell@ centertech. com.


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