The search for a new superintendent for the Glasgow Independent School System is continuing.

The screening committee, which reviews all applications, met in closed session Wednesday to consider which candidates on whom to do reference checks.

Twenty-six people have applied for the position, which became vacant when Dr. Fred Carter retired June 30, 2007. He had served as superintendent for five years.

Of those who have applied, six are women, 20 are men; 13 are from within the state; three are current superintendents; and eight have no district-level experience. Seven applications were incomplete.

All meetings of the screening committee are closed to the public until it meets jointly with the Glasgow Board of Education early next month.

“We will have a joint meeting on Feb. 2 and they will turn the applications over to us with their recommendations,” said Jerry Ream, school board chairman. The panel is expected to present a list of five candidates they believe are best qualified. “Our board will meet in closed session and discuss them. If we should decide we want to have some to come in for interviews, it will then become public who we are interviewing.”

It is possible the school board will bring someone in for an interview who is not on the screening committee’s list, he said.

“Our board is not bound by those recommendations,” Ream said. “We can select some or one or more beyond the recommendations given to us by the screening committee.”


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