The Kentucky Association of School Councils has analyzed data provided by the Kentucky Department of Education and concluded that Glasgow High School students writing portfolio scores are seventh place in the state.

Two other schools tied with Glasgow for seventh place. This is a major accomplishment and all stakeholders should be very proud.

Rogerlynne Briddon is the school’s writing cluster leader. “This was a five-year effort by the faculty at GHS. It didn’t just happen overnight. We have had lots of professional development and a ton of support from the Mr. Elliot and Dr. Carter,” said Briddon. “Also, we offer a silver cord at graduation for any student who scores Proficient or Distinguished on their portfolios. This helps instill a sense of pride,” Briddon said.

Glasgow Middle School portfolios were ranked 18th among middle schools in the state. Both schools are to be commended for their achievements in this area.

Writing portfolios are a requirement for fourth-, seventh- and 12th-graders in the state of Kentucky. The selections in the Kentucky Writing Portfolio place an emphasis on writing for many different purposes. Students must select pieces from their writing collections that show their best work. Examples of different pieces that might appear in the Kentucky Writing Portfolio include the personal narrative, memoir, personal essay and letter to the reviewer.


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