An additional car lot is being added to Gillie Hyde’s used car dealership that will deal exclusively with pre-owned imports.

It will be next to the General Motors used car lot on Happy Valley Road.

The new addition will house upward of 60 to 80 pre-owned imports from manufacturers like Toyota, Honda and Kia, among others.

“As times have changed, there are more and more imports being bought,” owner Mike Hyde said regarding his decision to add the new lot.

The company is pushing for an opening date of Aug. 1.

Hyde stated that the nationwide market share for domestic vehicles is shrinking, while the import’s market share is growing.

His belief is that the market for pre-owned imports coincides with the market for new imports. Therefore, if the market share for new imports reaches 50 percent, the market share for pre-owned imports will soon follow.

With the popularity of imports on the rise, Hyde wants the opportunity to offer area residents and others from surrounding counties a venue to pick out one of these vehicles.

“I want the chance to try to sell to everybody,” he said.

Hyde also looked at the benefits the new lot could offer to the city and county. Besides generating new jobs, the economy could receive a boost through residents buying pre-owned imports from a local dealer.

General manager Doug Anderson noted that many of the vehicles sold on the new lot will be late model pre-owned imports which are still under factory warranty.

Like Hyde, Anderson sees this new venture as a chance for Gillie Hyde to provide area customers with many pre-owned import choices.

“Gillie Hyde recognizes that imports are becoming more and more popular,” he said. “Imports have dominated the market as far as automobile sales for the last little while.

“We’re going to try to be a central location for [pre-owned] imports.”

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