The Barren County Family YMCA presented Drugs Bite by Stephen Arrington to Barren County and Caverna Middle School students as well as students at the YMCA on March 2 and 3.

Arrington is from Paradise, Calif. He spoke to the students about choices, and he knows all about them. A marijuana mistake lead him to be a defendant in the famous John DeLorean trial in 1982.

Arrington pled guilty and was sentenced to 31 months in prison. Arrington told the judge when he was released, he would dedicate his life to helping young people stay out of prison due to drugs. It was this dedication that got the attention of the Cousteau Society and landed him the job of a lifetime, chief diver and expedition leader. He traveled all over the world filming underwater life. He truly felt his life had come the full circle, because as a young child Arrington told his mother “that he wanted to be a diver for the famous Jean-Michel Cousteau and swim with sharks and dolphins.” She told him “that wouldn’t happen because he didn’t speak French.”

Stephen told his teacher that he wanted to dive, she told him “with dreams comes responsibility” he never forgot that.

To this day, Arrington has spoken at over 1,600 schools in 49 states. This was his first appearance in Kentucky’s schools (he has spoken at several churches in the state).

He said he considered the students of this area as the most polite he has encountered thus far and truly looks forward to returning to our area. His multimedia presentation focused on making good decisions in life and staying away from drugs and living out those dreams. Arrington emphasized that those who make mistakes can still get their life back on track. Students were given pre- and post-surveys about Arrington’s presentation and more than 87 percent said they would recommend this program to other students.

The YMCA expressed its appreciation to the schools for being allowed to bring Drugs Bite to more than 500 students. This program was funded by BHM-KY ASAP drug coalition.


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