Longtime Metcalfe County resident George Cowan has been awarded the 13th annual Jim C. Coleman Community Service Award, presented by the Edmonton-Metcalfe County Chamber of Commerce.

Since Cowan moved to Metcalfe County in 1967 from Union County, he has been involved or remains involved with organizations that have a major impact on daily living in Metcalfe County.

Since the early to mid-1970s, he has been a director of Tri-County EMC. George was one of the organizers of the Metcalfe County Nursing Home, now Metcalfe Health Care Center.

He and his wife, Margaret, donated land for the Metcalfe County Park. He worked with Judge Wilson to plan and secure funding for the park project.

He was one of the inaugural members of the Metcalfe County Industrial Autho-rity, and as a member of the group, he worked diligently to secure Sumitomo.

He has been a director of the library for more than 30 years. He was a board member when the library building was constructed, and was also instrumental in securing funding for the renovation. The year funding was approved, Metcalfe County was only one of two counties in the state to receive construction funds.

George and Margaret have three children: Robert, Karan and Laura Nell. They also have eight grandsons and one granddaughter.


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