A press conference was held at the T. J. Samson Resource Center on Tuesday, Sept. 6 to present the Leadership and Leaders of the Future Class of 2005-06. Members of the Leadership Class are: Linda Bowles, Ben Bucher, Chris Clark, Ruth Ann Foxall, Lynne Gentry, John Gardner, Sonja Hammer, Scott Harper, Daniel Johnson, David McCracken, Shara Page, Margarett Rich, and Rick Traylor.

Members of the Leaders of the Future class are: Addision Alexander, Joel Bartlett, Matt Bell, Hayley Biggers, Austin Birge, Lauren Chavira, Kevin Cheely, Dylan Denison, Andrew Dennis, Taylor Emberton, Shawna Felkins, Sarah Jenings, Clay Larkin, Ty Lindsey, Greg Matthews, Samantha Norris, Pooja Reddy, Travis Redford, Dawn Richardson, Guinn Rogers, Katherine Rogers, Hanna Steen, Katie Strader, Molly Thompson, Michael Toms, and Shelley Trautman.

These classes will be participating in various activities throughout the year. Program topics cover agriculture, quality of life, health and education, media and marketing, economic development, and government and local agencies. The class will address a different topic at each of their monthly sessions.


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