Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

March 3, 2014

Tompkinsville Commission considers giving road to citizen

Glasgow Daily Times

TOMPKINSVILLE — Tompkinsville city officials will consider the possibility of filing a quitclaim deed for a dead-end city street that has been maintained by a private landowner for more than 40 years.

Earl Thompson, who lives on a spur off Fifth Street, approached city commissioners last week about having ownership of the street turned over to him. He has lived on the street for 42 years and his house is the only one on the street.

“I’ve kept the street up,” Thompson said.

The upkeep he has provided has included blacktopping the road, which he paid for himself when he got no response from previous city officials after asking for the street to be paved. The street is essentially Thompson’s driveway.

“If the driveway belonged to me, it would help my place to sell,” he said.

Commissioner Ricky Richardson asked if the city could give the street to Thompson.

City attorney Reed Moore said he would like to investigate it a bit more before the commission makes a decision, and said the city could possibly file a quitclaim deed, meaning the city would cease claiming ownership of the street.

“We can look into it,” Moore said. “There is a procedure that we need to go through.”

Thompson told commissioners he has been trying to gain ownership of the street for several years, but has had no luck.

Commissioners told Thompson they would report back to him after investigating the matter further.