Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

February 16, 2012

Drug bill clears committee

Glasgow Daily Times

FRANKFORT — It took some blunt testimony and visual evidence and the vote was close, but the Senate Judiciary Committee passed out a bill Thursday to require prescriptions for the purchase of products containing pseudoephedrine.

The bill is an attempt to make it more difficult for those who operate homemade methamphetamine labs to secure the vital ingredient found in many cold and allergy remedies, but opponents say it will do little to stop the scourge of meth and will inconvenience thousands of law-abiding citizens who need the drug for cold and allergy symptoms.

The vote was 6-5 and committee chairman Sen. Tom Jensen, R-London, said it would be a close vote on the Senate floor where the bill now goes. He did not expect the bill to be voted on this week.

Jensen was the original sponsor of the bill but he withdrew after he said he was criticized because he once did some legal work for the anti-drug organization UNITE which supports the prescription requirement. Sen. Robert Stivers, R-Manchester, took over the bill and he brought a powerful outside voice with him Thursday.

Malanda Adams, 31, of Clay County told the committee she suffered addiction from the time she was in middle school and had to undergo arrest, jailing and long-term rehabilitation before she got her life – and her demons – under control.

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