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September 4, 2013

Bowles eager to start feeling healthy again

GLASGOW — Hunter Bowles, the former Glasgow High School standout and current redshirt freshman tight end at the University of Louisville, has faced many opponents in his stellar athletic lifetime. However, Bowles’ current opponent is definitely his biggest, a medical condition called Chiari malformation.

“One day at practice, we were about to run and I was feeling really stiff and my back was hurting. We were bending down to touch our toes and I couldn’t even get past my knees,” Bowles said. “I knew right then that something wasn’t right. I had no flexibility whatsoever. It felt like a metal rod was being stuck in my back.

“I told our head trainer something is not right in my back and (we found out) I actually had a bulging disk in my lower back. He thought that could be what the problem was. The trainer asked me to show him where the pain was and it was in the middle of my back, so he knew something wasn’t right. The next day I went to get a MRI and they found a cyst in my spine. I got another MRI of my skull and that’s when they found the Chiari malformation.”

Bowles is scheduled for surgery in Louisville on Thursday at 8 a.m. CT.

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