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July 5, 2014

Barren County all-stars prep for tourney

J.D. Scott and the Barren County 10-Under All-Stars open tournament play on Monday at Jackie Browning Park. The winner gets a berth in the Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken State Tournament Hodgenville and Scott is quietly confident his team will be making that trip.

“My thoughts about this team are this will probably be one of the most memorable years. This is a team that’s been put together and has been needed to be put together for some time,” Scott said. “They’ve got the skills, they’ve got the talent. The talent is there

“They’re real good kids. I am really looking forward to this year, looking for a chance to go to the state tournament in Hodgenville. And with this team, I have full confidence that each player is going to give me 100 percent.”

With just a few days to go until the tournament, Scott said practices have been going pretty well to date. Standing out for Scott has been his team’s balance. Barren County, Scott said, has been showing promise on both offense and defense.

“If I had to describe the strengths of this team, it would be hard to pick one,” Scott explained. “Defensively I have a lot of confidence in these kids. If the ball is hit to any position on the field, I am thinking this play is going to be made. Will they catch every ball in the outfield, probably not? But if the kids can get to the ball, I am confident they can stop it.

“Right now, we’ve looked pretty good hitting. Knowing how these kids can hit, if they all come to hit (at the same time), the team we play had better come to play defense.”

Scott said another strong point for the Barren County squad is his team’s versatility in pitching. He has at least six players he feels confident he can give the ball to on any given day.

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Barren County vs. Glasgow