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November 28, 2012

Unknown purchase opens new world for child

GLASGOW — My first introduction to fly fishing (if you could truly characterize it as “fly fishing”) was in the late 1950s growing up in my hometown of Lubbock, Texas. By chance I stumbled up on an interesting package at the local Army Surplus store that read “Survival Kit.”

It only cost .75 cents so I plunked down a dollar and purchased it. When I got home and opened it up, my “Survival Kit” contained a half-dozen flies and a few yards of line with instructions as to how to fish with them. I quickly scurried off to Yellowhouse Creek near my house, cut a long slender limb from a tree, tied on a few feet of line and tipped it with one of the flies.

I dropped the fly in the water around the base of a submerged tree along the shore and instantly had a hefty bluegill fighting on the business end of my line. I was as hooked as that bluegill on the appeal of “fly fishing.”

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