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August 18, 2012

Is he ready?

Durham takes over as Barren County QB

GLASGOW — The Barren County Trojans are going to look a lot different Saturday night at the TJ Samson Healthcare Career Bowl than they did at the end of the 2011 season. The Trojans lost some talented players to graduation. However, head coach Jason Esters believes last year’s subsitutions will, hopefully, pick up where last year’s seniors left off.

The biggest replacement was, as it is on any football team, at quarterback. Senior Josh Durham will replace 2011 starter Luke Matthews.

“I think Josh is going to experience some growing pains, anyone that steps into that position is going to have those. We’ve changed the offense to help him out. We trust him and we know he’s going to make some mistakes,” Esters relayed.

“We just have to try and minimize them as much as possible. We need to put him in positions where he can make some plays. A lot of it on the field will be his decisions. My main concern is not to turn the ball over. We want to make it easier on him as far as play calling.”

Glasgow and Todd County Central will open up Saturday’s celebration at 5 p.m. The Trojans will battle the Hornets in the nightcap. Kickoff is tentatively scheduled for 8 p.m.

Esters won’t be able to rely a lot on the past as he prepares for Metcalfe County. Long-time head coach Larry Harbison has resigned and his brother, Freddie, is the Hornets’ new head coach.

“I know defensively, from what we saw in their scrimmage, they’re playing a lot more Cover 2 than they did last year. They have a 4-3 conccept in Cover 2,” Esters said. “But the biggest thing I think that stands out about Metcalfe County from last year is their offense. Larry Harbison was a lot more oriented toward the defense, while Freddie seems to be trying to open things up a little bit on offense.

“They’ll have a lot more formations and run a lot more plays out of those formations. I know their tough on defense. They fly to the football. The mentality of the team is the same, both Larry and Freddie expect hard work and discipline and that shows up on the field.”

Esters has come into the 2012 season with a strong desire to put more points on the baord this year. The coach said the Trojans’ offensive production has been limited over the past few years. Esters said he hopes to establish the running game very early against Metcalfe County.

“I think they’re reading run first, and it probably takes them a second to get into their drops, they’re pass zones,” Esters said. “I think their mindset from the opening kickoff is to stop the run first. That’s probably what they’re go to try to do to us. So, we’re going to have to do more things on offense to open it up and get them to spread the field more defensively.”

No matter who has the football, Esters pointed out the key to his game Saturday, and every football game, will be the play of the offensive and defensive lines. He says it all starts in the trenches.

“The play of the offensive line is always important. For us this year, considering what we’re trying to do, we have to have good line play,” Esters said. “They have to know what they’re doing on every play and if the defensive line shifts, they have to know what we’re doing and where we need to adjust. That’s one thing we’ve really stressed this week. We want the front line to talk.”

And Esters said he has challenged his defense to stop Metcalfe County fullback Cole Shive.

“Cole Shive is a pretty tough kid. They had a good running back last year and that guy’s not getting a lot of playing time this year. Shive is a good player. We keyed on him  in practice and we’re going to have make sure we know where he’s going on every play,” said Esters.

“He’s a tough-nosed kid and runs the ball very hard. And it is going to take a good effort along our defensive line. We’re going to have to demand a double team up front so that our linebackers can see flow and be able to get to the football.”

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