Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

January 27, 2014

Glasgow freshman 'driving the bus'

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — The Glasgow High School Lady Scotties have had a lot of success over the years. In the last three seasons, Glasgow is 79-29, and with that kind of success comes recognition and noterity.

Senior Shalika Smith has signed a Division I scholarship. Emily Alexander is one of the top shooters in the region, Bree Glover has enormous potential and senior Hydeia Depp is probably among top defenders in the state. The Lady Scotties have a lot of tools.

But with all that talent, possibly the player making the biggest impact this season has been freshmen point guard Elli Bartley.

“It was an easy decision to start Elli when you watch her come to practice every single day and work her tail off,” said Glasgow coach Justin Stinson. “When we lost last year in the regional tournament, we wanted to give the kids a couple of days off. A day later, Elli asked me to open up the gym so she can come in and shoot. She wants to get better.

“And when you have a kid that works that hard, wants to get better every day, that’s the kind of kid you want running your team, driving the bus if you will.”

And Bartley may have all the tools needed to ride that bus to victory.

“Her skill level is unbelievable. She shoots it great, she handles it great, she passes it great,” said Stinson.

“Elli is not worried at all about how many points she scores, she just wants to win. She’s a great teammate, and her teammates know she’s going to work as hard as she can every time she steps on the floor. That’s the type of kid you want to be your point guard.”

And Bartley has made the most of her opportunity to guide the team. She has helped the Lady Scotties to a 14-6 overall record this year.

“I always tell my point guards that you want to be remembered for your team winning. When you think about every great team, you remember the point guard. And I think with Elli she understands that she is surrounded by great players,” Stinson explained.

“She’s got kids like Emily Alexander, Bree  Glover and Shalika. If the opportunity arises, she’s going to shoot it and she’s had games where she scores 16 or 17 points. But she’s also had games when she has scored four and we win, and she is perfectly ok with that. That’s what you want in your point guard, that’s what you want in all your players. There is not doubt in my mind she could score more for us, she will score more for us. But right now whatever the team needs for her to do to win, she’s going to do it.”

And the best thing about Bartley, especially in the eyes of Stinson and the Blue and White faithful is she has three more years with the Lady Scotties.

“She could be very good. She’s going to grow, she’s going to get stronger. Elli’s skill set is so incredibly good. She passes it, she handles it, she shoots it, her release is good. Her basketball IQ is so good and she’s a hard worker,” said Stinson.

“The thing about Elli is she wants to be good. Sometimes, things come easy for the most talented kids and they don’t work hard. Elli is the complete opposite of that. She’s good, but she wants to be better. Elli has a chance to be a special player and she could play at a high level.”