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June 9, 2014

Baysinger wins 7th Follis title

GLASGOW — It could have been a little intimidating for Bryan Baysinger. The standout local amateur golfer was paired up in a foursome Sunday in the final round of the Dr. C.G. Follis Men's Golf Invitational with some of the longest hitters in the area, Mike Brumfield, Trey Shirley and Jonathan Belcher.

But while those guys were approaching the 300-yard mark on most of their drives, Baysinger, who prides himself on his consistency, just kept hitting it down the middle of the fairway at the Glasgow Golf and Country Club as he fired a 6-under 136 to win his second straight tournament title and his seventh Follis crown overall.

“I am just blessed,” Baysinger said. “I have such a great support system with my wife, my kids and my parents. Glasgow Country Club has always been so supportive of me all the way back when I was in grade school playing junior golf.

“As far as winning seven times, the key for me is course management. As you can tell, I am not the longest hitter in the group any time I play in a foursome. You have to know where to put the ball and it helps to chip well and putt well, and I definitely did that this week.”

Baysinger's first Follis tournament title came in 1987. He won again in 1992 and then had a stretch of three-straight victories from 2001-03. His sixth tournament title was last year in 2012.

“Anytime you can put your name on a trophy that has (current professional golfer and Franklin native) Kenny Perry on it and a bunch of other great amateurs,” Baysinger said, “ it is definitely an honor.”

The course at the Glasgow Golf and Country Club played a role in the tournament, Baysinger said. He said a “horrible winter” impacted the course, but he praised superintendent Doug Williams for getting the course in shape.

“You want to try to avoid the big numbers and try to score when you can. Huge credit goes to Doug Williams the superintendent here. It was such a horrible winter here and lots of the local courses are not in as good as shape as this course is,” Baysinger relayed. “And a big thanks to Johnny Belcher to continuing this tournament that's been around since 1972.”

Baysinger shot 65 for the first round of the tournament and held a four-shot lead over Shirley and Brumfield, and a five-shot lead over Belcher as the final round began. Baysinger birdied the first hole, but Brumfield birdied three of the first four holes to pull within two of Baysinger heading into the sixth hole.

“I birdied No. 1 and No. 9 and I went into the back side with the same lead I had going into the final round, which is good. But I had to shoot 2-under to do it,” Baysinger explained. “Some of guys made some mistakes on the back side. It doesn't really become match play, but I knew no one else was doing anything outside of our group. So, when you have that kind of lead, you have to play shots at different angles. You don't have to go pin-seeking.

“Not just on this course, but consistency is important anywhere. My whole game is keeping the ball out of trouble. I am certainly not going to bring a course to its knees with my length. You have got to play as you're able to and I try to never play outside of myself. All I can do is play my game.”

Baysinger said he enjoys the Follis tournament too much to ever consider not playing in it. That's why he will be going for his eighth title next year.

“Golfers are always greedy. We will continue to always try to add to the number (of titles) because there will come a day when you're starting to play guys that are one-third of your age. It gets more and more difficult,” Baysinger said. “So, you cherish every single moment.”

Fifth Flight – Mike Saltsman (90-89 179), J.L. Hammer (96-86 182), Skip Melton (96-87 183), Stephan Adams (91-93 184), Jarod Combs (96-92 188), Mark Shipley (97-96 193), David Hammer (92-102 194), Thomas Tarry (100-96 196), Doug Thompson (101-97 198), Ricky Brooks (101-97 198), Marcus Trent (95-103 198), Jeromy Ballard (98-101 199) and Larry Belcher (107-96 203).

Fourth Flight – Ronnie Jones (88-85 173), Perry Martin (89-85 174), Don Gentry (89-86 175), Josh Field (90-87 177), Charles Decker (90-89 179), Ryne Saltsman (85-94 179), Doug Lair (89-91 180), Brad Manship (91-90 181), Billy Joe Toms (89-92 181), Adam Welsh (87-95 182), Dustin Holloway (99-89 188), Jonas Billingsley (93-99 192), Ted Poland (97-95 192).

Third Flight – Luke Fisher (81-83 164), Don Isenberg (86-78 164), Pat Klapheke (86-84 170), Simon Ford (87-84 171), Bob Wade (86-85 171), Jim Delph (81-90 171), Jeff Buford (85-87 172), Sheldon Ballou (88-84 172), Robert Oliver (88-85 173), John Benningfield (88-85 173), Chip Wilkins (91-82 173), Happy Neal (88-87 175), Paul England (89-87 176), Scott Berry (90-86 176), Jonathan Fraiser (88-89 177), and Matt Smith (88-93 181).

Second Flight – Roscoe Tarry (78-80 158), Jeff Bishop (78-81 159), Bart Logsdon (81-80 161), Ron Reeves (78-85 163), Gabe Pendleton (81-83 164), Pat Nuckols (84-83 167), Glenn Moore (82-85 167), James Watkins (82-85 167), Orlando Hayden (85-84 169), Barry Jewell (83-87 170), Mike Pruitt (78-83 171), Joey Stockton (83-89 172), Jeff Young (83-89 172), Kerry Tooley (84-90 174), Anthony Cummings (84-90 174), and Jeff Roten (86-92 178).

First Flight – Josh Matney (78-70 148), Dustin Jenkins (80-72 152), Chad Fisher (80-74 154), Nathan Gassaway (78-77 155), David Houk (78-77 155), Ryan Harris (78-78 156), Tim Jeffries (80-77 157), Dakota Woodcock (80-78 158), Gary Tomko (78-81 159), Randy Jewell (79-81 160), Ron Bowles (78-83 161), Steely Harris (82-79 161), Adam Huff (80-84 164), Tyler Cherry (79-87 166), and Ben Perkins (85-85 170).

Championship Flight – Bryan Baysinger (65-71 136), Trey Shirley (69-69 138), Jamie Frazier (74-65 139), Mike Brumfield (69-72 141), T.A. Wells (74-72 146), Grant Lawrence (73-74 147), Spencer Botts (75-73 148), Ben Thompson (75-74 149), Josh Burks (76-75 151), Jonathan Belcher (70-81 151), Corey Jackson (77-78 155), Jim Lee (74-84 158), Larry Alexander (74-81 155), Mark Shipley (76-80 156), Barry Nesbitt (77-80 157), and Casey Tooley (77-82 159).

Professional Flight – Kent Bulle (70-66 136), Brent Long (70-67 137), Seth Blann (71-71 142), David Plumb (71-72 143), Carmello Benassi (75-75 150), Alex Snyder (75-77 152), Mark Knecht (73-79 152) and Dee Brown (81-78 159).





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